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Product managers (PMs)

The foundation of Stovaris (Alstor SDS) is technical expertise. Our skills are more than 30 years of practical experience in the IT market, numerous specialized training courses and information provided to us by our partners (suppliers). Thanks to this, we will help you choose the most suitable solution and provide expert care, tailored to your individual needs.

Stovaris engineers have in-depth knowledge of the products offered, and actively support the sales department in constructing the most complex offers, proposing tailor-made solutions that meet the customer's real needs.

Przemyslaw Prochera STOVARIS

Przemyslaw Prochera

Business Development Manager Data Center Solutions
tel: +48 668 157 173

Przemek has many years of experience in the IT industry, related to advanced technologies.
At Stovaris, he is appreciated for his strong commitment to the process of selling value-added solutions. He is responsible for solutions related to IT infrastructure and Data Center, from manufacturers such as Vertiv (Avocent), Lantronix, Opengear, Eaton and Socomec.

Daniel Murawski - company Stovaris

Daniel Murawski

Product Manager
tel: +48 691 701 175

Daniel joined the Stovaris Team in 2020. He has many years of experience in coordinating and leading sales projects. Daniel stands out for his extensive experience and full commitment to his responsibilities. He uses his interpersonal skills to quickly establish contacts as well as during negotiations. At Stovaris he is responsible for such brands as: Fujitsu, Panasonic, Kofax, Fujifilm, Proget and Silex.

Boris Bartoszuk STOVARIS

Hubert Jaworski

Product Manager IoT & Industry 4.0 Solutions
tel: +48 609 104 305

Hubert gained experience at one of the largest mobile operators in the company's most important customer segment. He has been working at Stovaris since 2023 and is engaged in developing activities related to Industry 4.0, IoT technologies, LoRaWAN and SmartCity topics. He combines his extensive experience and practical knowledge of implementations with his daily concern for customer relations and providing the highest quality of service.

Paweł Waszniwski - Alstor SDS

Paweł Waszniewski

Product Manager
tel: +48 885 805 609

Pawel is a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. He has many years of experience related to image visualization systems (systems: medical, graphics, industrial and advanced office systems). At Stovaris (formerly Alstor SDS), he is responsible for the maki LG Business Solutions product line.

Sylwester Giermaz

Product Manager
tel: +48 501 361 013

Sylwester began working with our company in 2004. Initially, he was mainly in charge of Rimage duplicators. As Stovaris (formerly Alstor SDS) grew, we entrusted Sylvester to take care of more partners. He currently supports well-known and respected brands such as Riamge, ADR, Mustek and Graphtec.

Jakub Bala Stovaris

Jakub Bala

Product Manager
tel: +48 609 807 177

Jakub is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. His previous work experience is related to foreign trade and the export process. Kuba, starting cooperation with Stovaris, enlarged our sales team and currently serves as product manager.

Szymon Domański STOVARIS

Szymon Domański

Product & Marketing Manager
tel: +48 885 804 064

Simon joined Stovaris in the first half of 2021. Initially, he was associated with marketing, but as his seniority grew, he gained knowledge of our portfolio. He is currently responsible for network and security solutions and support in the implementation of the company's promotional activities.

Szymon Domański STOVARIS

Konrad Radwański

Product Manager
tel: +48 609 601 910

Konrad, joined the Stovaris team at the beginning of 2024. He has been gaining his experience in the IT industry for 15 years. He has worked for resellers, distribution as well as manufacturers of leading brands in the IT industry. He is a person you can trust and count on his full commitment to what he is currently doing. He is also not afraid of difficult challenges. She excels at maintaining and developing high-level business relationships. Currently at Stovaris, he is responsible for the server product line as well as Industrial IT.