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European company Barco , based in Belgium, is a global technology leader that specializes in networked solutions of all types of visualization for the entertainment, broader enterprise and healthcare markets. Barco offers solutions that help their users enjoy fascinating entertainment, assist in mutual interaction and knowledge sharing. The complex system of decision-making in enterprises and organizations is helped by extensive systems of large-format monitors and video walls. One of Barco 's many specialties is quality control systems they work in air traffic control, monitoring, medical and A/V streaming systems. Barco 's 34% share of sales is accounted for by products for medicine, mainly in the category of medical imagingwhich have been helping doctors provide the best possible healthcare for nearly 40 years.

History of Barco

Barco 's history of medical device manufacturing dates back to the 1980s, when the company unveiled a 10-inch high-fidelity monitor with a maintenance-free calibration system, gaining market leadership in products for echography and MRI. In 1998, Barco introduced the revolutionary MeDis system with a comprehensive imaging and computer diagnostics solution, using an entire medical display system with software. In the same year, Barco became the first company in the world to receive 510(k) certification from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical monitors. In the 21st century, the company cemented its position as a market leader by releasing the Coronis series in 2014, which is dedicated to professional applications in diagnostics, PACS systems and breast examination imaging. Most importantly, studies have shown that the use of these monitors resulted in a 30% increase in breast cancer detection.

Stovaris will offer its customers the entire Barco portfolio among others medical monitors, assisting with installations and implementations.

Flagship products:

Barco Nio 3 MPix color

Meet the diagnostic medical monitor that will allow radiologists to view and describe a wide variety of medical images.

Barco Coronis Fusion 6 MPix color

Explore the monitor by sharing a single workspace in place of the traditional paired monitor system.

Barco Coronis Unity 12 MPix color

Meet a monitor with an integrated calibrator for continuous remote control of image parameters.

Barco Nio 2 MPix color

Meet a monitor that comes with monitor calibration software - MediCal QAWeb.

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