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Yusha is a global high-tech enterprise in the medical segment, founded in 1996 and headquartered in Gulou District, Nanjing. The company mainly researches, develops, manufactures and sells medical monitors and systems for the intelligent operating room. In addition, Yusha is the developer of an independent platform dedicated to medical operations - including live streaming. The manufacturer has eight offices and after-sales service centers around the world. In 2020, in the local market for medical products, Jusha had a share of about 65%. Products have been sold to more than 80 countries, and two billion people worldwide have been diagnosed on the company's products. Today, the company has become the world's leader in digital medical image visualization.

Yusha has three R&D centers in Nanjing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and has an R&D team that accounts for 30% of all employees. The company invests heavily in new developments, and the R&D department accounts for more than 16% of annual turnover. Yusha has established research platforms: ETC (Enterprise Technology Center), IDC (Industrial Design Center), Medical Image Precise Display Engineering Technology R&D Center and others. As of today, Jusha has applied for more than 800 international and domestic proprietary technologies and patents, and has won the honorary title of national intellectual property model company. Among the many technologies registered by the company are: international patents for precision medical image recognition and processing, self-adaptive processing for intelligent positioning and enhancement of lesions, and biological indications for medical infection control based on genetic engineering.

In the past few years, Yusha has increased its investment in research and development of a cloud-based medical imaging platform, radioactive imaging devices, biological monitoring for infection control, and electronic monitoring. The company has made its own unique contributions to human health, while creating great value for customers around the world.

Flagship products:

Yusha C270G

Meet the medical monitor that allows you to describe various types of examinations such as general radiology, MRI, CT.

Yusha C1210G

Meet the powerful 12-megapixel monitor with a 31-inch panel that is dedicated to mammography, 

Jusha C620G

Meet diagnostic 6 MPix color medical monitor (supports color and monochrome images)

Yusha C350G

Meet the monitor that allows you to build classic dual-monitor stations. Integrated Front Sensor ensures constant screen brightness.

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