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LG Business Solutions

LG Electronics Inc. is one of the world's major manufacturers offering innovative technologies in electronics, mobile devices and IT equipment. LG employs more than 72,000 people in 140 divisions around the world. The company's core philosophy is based on understanding customers so that, while constantly working on innovations, we can offer them optimal solutions and thus contribute to improving their quality of life.

Our cooperation with LG Electronics Inc. is based on the sale of solutions dedicated to the IT industry, available in the manufacturer's extensive portfolio, mainly LG medical monitors. Using LG's vast experience and the resources of its R&D (research and development) departments scattered around the globe, the company produces hardware solutions that allow us to create customized offerings for our partners. The joint combination of the manufacturer's engineering expertise and the design experience of IT resellers gives us the ability to create flexible, modern solutions that satisfy the most demanding customers. As a specialized distributor, we offer partners solutions from the medical division of LG Business Solutions - Information Technology Devices.

LG Business Solutions offerings

Our offer includes advanced products including Cloud Device systems, these are Thin Client and Zero Client devices, working in a cloud environment. These solutions correspond to modern IT market trends. Customers and administrators receive additional benefits from the implementation of such systems, including a management console that makes it quick and easy to manage all connected devices, regardless of place and time. This console runs in a web browser. As a result, there is no need to install additional software and special client devices. These devices will work great with LG medical monitors.

LG medical monitors

Stovaris offers a full range of LG medical monitors in an effort to take the medical display market to the next level. LG Electronics' medical division, is a market leader in premium monitors that help enhance doctors' capabilities during diagnosis and surgery. With the digital transformation taking place in healthcare, medical displays, which influence the perception and interpretation of medical personnel, play a key role in processing digital medical information from databases.

LG Medical Monitors(Medical Displays) helps keep pace with these digital trends by meeting all medical imaging needs, from multimodal monitors to mammography displays, using the latest imaging technologies and rigorous quality control.

Types of LG medical monitors

  • descriptive (diagnostic) monitors - are used to make a medical diagnosis from images from different types of modalities;
  • review monitors - are dedicated to diagnosticians in hospitals or clinics when the description/diagnosis is already done;
  • monitors for operating rooms - allow visualization of the patient's vital signs, evaluation of previously performed examinations (e.g., CT, MRI), as well as images from endoscopic cameras and RIS/HIS information;
  • monitors for dental offices - are descriptive and review systems for dental pantomography and tomography.

We recommend an introductory video showing why you should choose an LG medical monitor.

Flagship products:

LG 27HJ713C

Meet the medical monitor that features groundbreaking Flicker Safe technology. It reduces screen flickering and protects doctors' vision

LG 32UN880-B

Meet a monitor with hardware calibration and software designed for it - True Color Pro.

LG 31HN713D

Meet the diagnostic 12 MPix color medical monitor with FDA 510(k) certification (allows work with examinations such as MRI, CT and endoscopy).

LG 27UN880-B

Meet a monitor that reproduces the sRGB color space 99% and features an IPS panel with 10-bit color depth.

LG 32HL512D

Meet a medical monitor with Picture by Picture functionality that allows you to control multiple devices connected to the monitor.

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