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Terms of cooperation

How to become a Stovaris Partner?

Stovaris (formerly Alstor SDS) cooperates with enterprises in the IT industry. Any entrepreneur wishing to start cooperation with us should provide a set of documents confirming business operations. The documents will be processed and verified in our system. Upon completion of the verification process, a suitable agreement will be drawn up, in two identical copies - one copy for each party. One signed copy should be forwarded to Stovaris. Each new Partner will be registered in the Stovaris database. From the moment of registration, the new Partner will be able to place orders.

Do you want to become a Stovaris Partner?

Fill out the form below, this is the first step to start cooperation. We will contact you as soon as possible and discuss the next steps together, as well as answer all your questions about the procedure for joining the cooperation.

Become our Partner

Benefits of joining the Stovaris partner program

  • Access to the latest developments from the world's leading computer manufacturers;
  • Access to current price lists;
  • Technical support (both before and after purchase);
  • Sales assistance such as project sales protection;
  • Access to equipment for testing;
  • Arranging transportation to the end customer;
  • Access to authorized technical service.