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Maximizing the use of document digitization, is a step towards the development of a smart organization, where content digitization is the beginning of a series of good business changes. This process in business can contribute to the company's innovation and improve competitiveness. Digital tools allow faster and more flexible adaptation to changing market conditions and customers. This makes it possible to bring new products and services to market faster. More efficient processes for digitizing documents mean lower costs and greater efficiency and this is made possible by Ricoh's SP-11 series of scanners.

Advantages of the PFU SP-11 series

The SP-11 series of document scanners are designed to meet the basic scanning requirements of budget-conscious organizations. They are also ideal for, those taking their first steps in the digitization process. These devices capture, automate and extract the most necessary content at the touch of just one button. They easily create such formats as editable PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
The SP series scanners have many advantages. Of course, undoubtedly, value for money is one of them. However, at first glance, we can draw attention to the compact size. A 20% smaller device is not only the so-called "space saving", it is also the ease of finding a place on a crowded office desk.
However, the size of the scanner is not all that affects the quality of work. Improved productivity is greatly influenced by ease of use, which is why the manufacturer has made it as simple as possible to use SP series document scanners. The devices are equipped with two start/stop and on/off buttons. This is the simplest and most user-friendly solution from the user's point of view.

SP-11 series - a modern solution for you

PFU Ricoh SP-1120N, SP-1125N and SP-1130N are document scanners that we can connect in two ways - via USB 3.2 and Ethernet. One of the biggest advantages of the SP series scanners is the ability to work in a network.
Networking as a productivity booster can be complemented by the Cloud, which is indispensable these days. This enables greater productivity in a way that is not available with other tools. Small businesses and enterprises can now store files in a centralized location, which also enables easy collaboration. Even individuals can use the cloud to send photos and videos to family and friends, no matter where they are. Cloud document storage solutions offer access to files across devices, as well as editing, security and other benefits.