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"Catch the promotion on the warranty of PFU ScanSnap series scanners". - All models with free support for 3 years!

Wondering how to ensure the best protection for your ScanSnap series scanner? We have great news for you! Get 3 - year protection for your scanner.

The warranty means not only more security and safety for your device, but also peace of mind for you and your work. The PFU ScanSnap series scanner is an indispensable tool for those who need quick and easy scanning of documents, invoices, contracts or photos. Therefore, take care of its long-term protection. All you need to do is contact PFU a RICOH Company. This will ensure that for three years your scanner will work flawlessly, and in case of any problems, specialists will quickly and efficiently help you solve them.

Don't wait! Take advantage of the promotion and extend the warranty on your ScanSnap series scanner today. Be rest assured that your scanner is protected and ready to work for years to come.

Products included in the promotion

We know that PFU scanners are designed and manufactured with the utmost precision, using the best materials, and serve customers for many years. However, sometimes there are unexpected situations in which professional help or simple advice can save a lot of time and provide peace of mind in the most nervous moments.

Buy one of the selected models of PFU's ScanSnap series scanners (S1100i, iX100, iX1300, iX1400, iX1600 or SV600), register it and get additional benefits - a free warranty of up to 3 years.


ScanSnap iX100





ScanSnap SV600

Frequently asked questions

How will I be informed of the pass/fail status of my application?

In the normal course, Applications will be processed within 21 days of submission. Once the Application has been processed, an email will be sent to the applicant stating whether the Application has been approved or rejected, based on the criteria set forth in the regulations, and if approved, confirmation that their guarantee has been extended.

In what format and maximum size should the documents required to be sent during registration be saved?

Save the files you want to upload in JPEG, PNG or PDF format. Attached documents should not exceed 4 MB in size.

What transactions or products cannot participate in this extended warranty?

Only PFU scanner models from the ScanSanp series are covered by the promotion, they are: S1100i, iX100, iX1300, iX1400 iX1600, and SV600. This offer is not available or not applicable to:


  • Employees of the PFU, Ricoh and their immediate relatives.
  • PFU partners, their representatives, any distributors, resellers, retailers, company stores involved in the sale or rental of scanners, services or solutions, and professionals associated with the Offer (or members of their families or households).
  • Situations where the Promotional Product to which the Application relates was purchased for resale, rental, lease or was resold by the Applicant.
  • Used or refurbished products (such as those purchased on eBay) that are not new products.
Where to find the serial number of the scanner?

You can check the serial number of your ScanSnap scanner in one of the following ways:

  • Check the number on the label on the bottom of the ScanSnap scanner

How to find the serial number of a ScanSnap device

For serial numbers, 0 (zero digit) is used instead of O (letter of the alphabet).

  • Check the number on the ScanSnap scanner's touch panel (for iX1600)
  1. Press (Settings) on the main screen on the ScanSnap touch panel to display the [Settings] menu.
  2. Press (Scanner Settings) to display the [Scanner Settings] submenu.
  3. Press [ScanSnap Information] to display the [ScanSnap Information] screen.
  4. Check [Serial Number] on the [Scanner] tab.
What if I can't register an application online?

Stovaris, as an authorized distributor of PFU-branded solutions, makes every effort to communicate and provide up-to-date information on PFU document scanners. However, we realize that there may be unexpected problems with the functioning of the website or the application form, so if you encounter any problem with the registration of your product, please contact the Stovaris sales department at: +48 222 484 000 or via e-mail:

What is the level of service during the extended warranty?

The quality of warranty services provided is no different from those provided during the standard 3-year support period.

Other maintenance services available at Stovaris relating to scanners go HERE.

How to take advantage of promotional warranty services?

If your application to participate in the promotion has been successfully verified and you wish to enjoy an extended period or extended scope of services under this promotion, please contact your local authorized distributor of PFU solutions - Stovaris.

Prepare the following information and documents:

  1. Full device name, model and serial number;
  2. Information about the version of the operating system installed on the computer;
  3. Your contact information, the address where the PFU (ScanSnap series scanner) is located, and your electronic mail (email) address;
  4. Proof of purchase of the product and an email confirming that your application for the ScanSnap extended warranty promotion has been successful, which you will receive from PFU a RICOH Company after completing the online form;
  5. Description of the fault - also make sure that you have the opportunity to perform any diagnostic work as recommended by Stovaris engineers;
  6. In addition to the above recommendations, follow any reasonable instructions from the Stovaris technical support department, which will allow you to be entitled to warranty services.

You can report a defect under the extended warranty by emailing:, by phone: +48 222 484 001 or by filling out the RMA Stovaris notification form, which is available HERE.

Ask an expert about PFU solutions:

Daniel Murawski

Product Manager
tel. +48 691 701 175

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