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Document processing software

Our company specializes in the sale of document scanners. Inherent in the connection with these devices is the electronic circulation of documents in an enterprise(DMS - Document Management System). The large and growing number of documents means that people without the support of an appropriate DMS system cannot work effectively, and every institution strives to improve the results of its work. One solution is to use special programs that will take care of processing the entire process, automatically.

Electronic document workflow is an increasingly popular way to properly organize documents in a company. These systems process scanned documents and archive electronic files, and also allow the creation of a digital document library. Such functionality puts company documentation in order and guarantees that no important document will be lost, destroyed or soiled.

As a distributor of document scanners, we offer our Partners two applications to supportthe process of processing documents, in the systems of their electronic circulation:

  • Kofax Express 3.2

The main product we offer our partners is Kofax Express 3.2 software is an easy application for batch scanning of documents. Stovaris (Alstor SDS) offers the best scanning kits, consisting of a scanner and dedicated software. The advantage of each kit is its seamless integration into the existing workflow system, high scanning performance and quality, and simple operation.

The Kofax Express application includes

- scanning module that uses the scanner to its maximum capacity,
- a module for improving the quality of scanned documents based on VRS technology,
- an indexing module that can save documents with names contained in barcodes, as well as based on text processing - Kofax Express 3.2 uses OCR technology for indexing.

Key features

- intuitive and user-friendly interface,
- ability to improve quality after scanning,
- read 1D/2D barcodes,
- ability to process documents scanned in the past - import from a folder,
- create searchable PDFs,
- effective compression mechanisms,
- multiple export options,
- full integration using SDK,
- improved indexing based on validation scripts and information retrieved from databases.

This group of products is based on the companies' solutions:


Contact persons:

Daniel Murawski

Product Manager
tel. +48 691 701 175

Michal Gardocki

Pre-Sales Engineer
tel. +48 502 447 112