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IT infrastructure and Data Center

The current Data Center is a state-of-the-art technology center consisting of a server room and a range of equipment to support its operation. It serves to store and process information and provide data with a secure operating environment. An important issue remains the full ability to access, monitor and manage all devices in the Data Center. Our company has products that solve all these problems.

Stovaris offers a range of solutions that provide server room equipment and tools to support the administrator in the process of management, data security and business continuity. These include console switches and application packages that support their operation, specialized racks with advanced cooling systems, high-performance servers, as well as PDU strips and UPS emergency power supplies. In addition, we offer server room management (DCIM) systems as the part that binds all Data Center components together.

We will help you build a professional IT infrastructure

By working with us, entrepreneurs can create or upgrade even very sophisticated IT infrastructure from scratch. Our wide range of services include:

We sell IT hardware and software from top manufacturers, and offer professional support in its selection and implementation.

Bet on IT technologies from Stovaris!

Dynamic changes in the IT industry, the emergence of edge computing, the evolution of the server platform and the emergence of virtualization and cloud computing technologies or growing customer requirements are forcing IT architects to revise their approach to data center planning. Servers, arrays and networks, as the most important layer of the data center, are subject to the same trends and requirements. Properly designing them becomes crucial to the planned use of the data center.

We will make sure that your IT infrastructure is not only reliable and functional, but above all efficient and fulfills all the tasks set before it. We offer a variety of console and Data Center servers, KVM switches, uninterruptible power supplies, rack cabinets, IoT gateways and other IT equipment - we invite you to cooperate with us!

This group of products is based on the companies' solutions:

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