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PDU strips

PDU ( Power Distribution Unit) strips are equipment whose main task is to manage power in server racks and turn on and off the devices to which they are connected. With their help, it is possible to protect power lines, measure and control energy consumption, as well as monitor current environmental conditions to racks.

What a PDU power strip is used for

Its task is to distribute power between a large number of devices. Stovaris offers a range of products that can provide both simple solutions (without management mechanisms) and strips with many advanced features, such as remote access via the network, control of individual outlets, temperature reading around the strip, real-time management of energy consumption and reading of individual outlet loads.

Where can power strips be used?

Most importantly, power from the strip can be used for servers, network switches, storage devices, specialized servers and other infrastructure components. Depending on your needs, it may also be useful with these solutions to monitor power consumption to optimize consumption and identify potential problems. The solution will affect efficiency in industrial applications by leveling inefficiencies in the power path.

Manageable PDU strips

Managed power strips (such as the Vertiv MPH2) are able to provide additional power management functionality by being able to disconnect and reconnect power to devices, when once a failure is identified, this is the only solution to correct the fault.

This is a key component of remote management of remote locations. Vertiv power strip allows you to monitor the load of individual sockets, so you can determine the current load of the entire rack, server room or the entire company, as well as the associated costs and still available resources to use. The PDU strips use IEC 320 C19 current path shrouds (adapted for connecting blade servers, so-called blades, as well as network equipment), and C13 sockets (standard server sockets). Each strip can be equipped with various environmental sensor options (temperature, humidity and door opening).

Eaton PDU solutions and strips

The Stovaris product portfolio also includes Eaton products. The latest generation Eaton ePDU G4 main power strip is a power distribution unit whose main features are optimization of energy consumption and control of operating costs. The realization of such functions is made possible by the high measurement accuracy of the Eaton ePDU G4 power strip, which provides IEC Class 1 billing accuracy of +/-1% for V, W, A and kWh and CiscoEnergyWise compatibility.

This function can be used when billing energy operating costs with customers using colocation services in data centers using IT infrastructure. In addition to its main role of metering, the strip also makes it possible to distribute and group individual outlets, as well as scheduled remote startup and shutdown of systems. As a result, the shutdown of IT devices such as servers and server platforms that are currently unused is facilitated. Such functionality provides the opportunity for greater efficiency of critical equipment.

Strips Eaton ePDU G4 offer a 0U design to save rack space. Their design features several key components. These include a management panel, sixteen IEC-320-C13 type power outlets and a grounding screw. In addition, Eaton's power strips (ePDU G4) are equipped with safety features near the outlets. The small, gray egrip locks (commonly known as shackles) prevent plugs from falling out of their sockets.

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