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Micro Data Center

Micro Data Centers (MDCs) are relatively small, modular systems that serve mostly small-sized businesses, and can also provide additional resources for larger corporations. A Micro Data Center can be designed to solve different sets of problems or to process workloads that cannot be handled by traditional facilities or large modular data centers.

Medium Data Center vs Micro Data Center

A medium-sized data center typically supports dozens of servers and hundreds of virtual machines (VMs) and has a significant size. A Micro Data Center, on the other hand, most often supports less than 10 servers and fewer than 100 VMs. Micro Data Centers, such as containerized data centers, have built-in security systems, cooling systems and flood or fire protection.

Currently, Poland is seeing an improvement in the quality and competitiveness of data center offerings. Investors and users tend to marginalize the technical and quality level of small data centers or small server rooms, while they are the ones that mainly determine the reliability, efficiency and speed of access to services offered via the Internet.

Server rooms on the edge (Edge Computing)

Small data centers and server rooms are often called "server rooms at theedge" ( edge computing). This means that Micro Data Cent ers are used for edge computing to bring computer resources closer to end users. So they must meet similar quality standards as large data centers.

Vertiv SmartCabinet

Responding to the needs of today's market, Stovaris' technology partner Vertiv has developed a complete device called SmartCabinet. This new product is the result of a modern concept for the implementation of small and medium-sized server rooms. Vertiv's SmartCabinet fulfills all the assumptions that are set for a Micro Data Center, i.e. a complete IT solution, containing critical system components in a single rack.

It includes components such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a precision air-conditioning unit based on direct evaporation (Freon) technology, power distribution boards in the form of managed PDUs, as well as climate control and infrastructure management systems.

Application of SmartCabinet

The use of SmartCabinet eliminates the need to design, separate or rebuild a special-purpose room such as a server room. The solution reduces to a minimum the time from the decision to install to the commissioning of the complete solution, which is ready to work from the first day. At the same time, the device is characterized by a wide range of configurations that allow the precise adaptation of a given model to individual needs.

  • ideal solution for use in companies with a branch structure (e.g. banks, chain stores);
  • works well in SME companies, universities, law firms and clinics;
  • with say, the solution can be used by logistics companies or warehouses that do not have an IT room;
  • server rooms at the edge of so-called "edge computing" and local telecommunications companies.
Features and benefits
  • Integrated solution: no need for a server room, complete computing center infrastructure integrated into a single RACK, enabling access control and security for all IT applications.
  • Complexity: a precisely designed, proven solution, assembled and tested at the factory, extremely efficient, safe and reliable.
  • Quick and easy to set up and run: plug-and-play function, no need to invest in building and equipping expensive server rooms.
  • Significantly reduced implementation costs compared to standard solutions, very fast deployment and tailored performance.

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