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Remote access centralization software

Regardless of the size of an organization with more access devices, such as console and KVM switches (Keyboard Video Mouse), service processor switches and even PDU strips, the process of managing these devices - especially when managing them separately - becomes a major challenge. To address this problem, device manufacturers typically provide software for centralizing remote access. Such a solution allows IT administrators to access all devices from a single interface.

Using software to centralize remote access - benefits

The use of software to centralize remote access brings with it a number of benefits for businesses, including:

  • The problems associated with managing each device separately are eliminated;
  • No restrictions related to the number of devices used in an organization;
  • Elimination of problems associated with limited human resources (limited number of equipment operators);
  • A unified management system for access devices.

Vertiv Avocent DSView

An example of a solution is the software offered by Vertiv™ Avocent®. DSView™ is software for centralizing all advanced hardware solutions from both Vertiv™ Avocent® brands (e.g., KVM switches, console switches, PDU strips), VMware and Citrix virtual machines, APC smart power strips as well as embedded server service processors from other vendors including Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Dell. The DSView™ service provides a quick way to deploy the solution, integrate other systems and also migrate to the latest software version.

The main benefits of using the DSView™ solution suite are:

  • Reduced setup time;
  • Elimination of errors arising in the process of installation or configuration;
  • Minimizing the impact on resources;
  • Reducing the risk of migration errors.

The DSView™ solution is primarily used for:

  • integration of data exchange and process flow, which translates into a streamlined management process in the data center;
  • data exchange to ensure integration with a wide range of third-party systems and devices;
  • reduce the administrative burden that occurs as a result of using different systems;
  • generate predetermined and out-of-the-box reports.

DSView™ software is ideal when an organization uses, for example, console switches or KVM switches in different locations or when there are more than a few.


Another software that Stovaris offers is Lighthouse. This software manages all network devices via Opengear's connected console servers in all branches and subsidiaries of a given company. It is an API-based platform with an HTML5 interface that provides secure access to remote networks, regardless of how the user interacts with the system and how they are connected. The Lighthouse system, in conjunction with NetOps Console Servers, can upload and manage containers at any remote location for full functionality and automation.

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