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KVM Switches

KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse, i.e. Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switches are hardware devices that allow users to control multiple computers and servers using a single keyboard, video monitor and mouse. KVM switches are used in data centers where there are multiple servers in one space (e.g., in one rack). Using KVM switches, administrators can easily switch between controlled devices. Using such a solution eliminates the cost of purchasing additional hardware (a set: keyboard, monitor and mouse) for each computer. Thus, space is saved in server rooms and clutter, such as wiring, is eliminated.

KVM Switches - USB HDMI

Some models (so-called KVM over IP), have the ability to transmit data over a TCP/IP network. Such functionality makes it possible to manage any server or network device (such as a firewall), from anywhere, at any time, if we have access to them through the computer network. In addition, we offer KVM switches with USB and HDMI ports.

KVM switches are used for home, office and industrial computers.

Advantages of KVM switches:

  • Space-saving - allow you to replace multiple sets of monitors, mice and keyboards with a single console.
  • Easy and fast access - provide simplified access and control over any connected computer, give access to multiple platforms using a single switch system.
  • Simple operation and installation - no hardware or software modifications required on connected equipment.

Vertiv (Avocent) and Lantronix KVM switches

Stovaris' product portfolio includes KVM switches from well-known and respected manufacturers:

  • Vertiv (Avocent) offers secure KVM over IP Merge Point Unity (MPU) switches. These switches provide remote hardware access to servers and network devices. If 4G/LTE networks are used, it will be completely independent of the company's internal network. Each KVM MPU switch has a built-in web server, so access to all devices is done from a web browser. In addition, local access is performed using the same user interface as remote access. Virtual Media technology, used in Vertiv KVM switches, allows local storage resources to be mapped to the server.
  • Lantronix, focuses on single-port KVM over IP solutions. This is an excellent complement to Vertiv's offerings. This manufacturer also offers innovative and modern IT infrastructure management solutions streamlining remote management of network, server and power infrastructure in data centers or remote branch offices.

This group of products is based on the companies' solutions:

Adder | Lantronix | Tripp-Lite | Vertiv

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