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RACK cabinets

Eaton and Vertiv Rack Cabinets

Stovaris' offering includes specialized rack cabinets. Our main partners in this product area are Eaton and Vertiv (formerly Knürr AG).

Reliability, accuracy and innovation are the hallmarks of Vertiv products. The supplier is recognized as one of the best manufacturers of components for equipping small server rooms and Data Centers of enormous size. An important feature of the rack cabinets on offer at Stovairs (manufactured by Vertiv) is their aluminum frame with patented T-slot mounting technology. The use of appropriate materials has resulted in an extremely lightweight and robust construction:
- Vertiv DCM®cabinet load capacity of 1.5 tons or 1 ton for wheeled cabinets,
- Vertiv Miracel®cabinet load capacity is 500 and 300 kg respectively.

Rack cabinets with cooling system

Rack cabinets with cooling system are available in many sizes:

  • Widths: 60, 70 and 80 cm wide
  • Height: from 200 to 230 cm (41 - 46 U)
  • Depth: from 60 to 120 cm.

Accessory Equipment for Rack Cabinets

A myriad of accessory options for rack cabinets allows you to customize cabinets to meet any need. Available, among others:

  • Pedestals for cable exit,
  • pull-out perforated shelves,
  • Casters that allow the cabinet to be moved,
  • elements that stabilize and level the cabinet,
  • Retractable roll-over protection for the cabinet,
  • secure locks for doors and panels (keyed and electronic),
  • various sets of fans,
  • Temperature or humidity monitoring systems,
  • Cabinet door closure sensors.

This group of products is based on the companies' solutions:

Eaton | Tripp-Lite | Vertiv

Contact Person:

Przemyslaw Prochera

Business Development Manager
tel. +48 668 157 173