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Medical imaging

Medical imaging has applications in such medical fields as diagnostic X-ray, tomography, ultrasonography (ultrasound) and nuclear medicine. The very rapid development of science has contributed to the creation of new fields of diagnosis with the help of medical displays, and more advanced imaging methods required high computing power and a medium that would archive the data obtained with them. These requirements were met by the generation of modern medical stations. They provide more accurate analysis of patient results. The solutions used make it possible to obtain images at the best resolution, with optimal parameters, and IT systems allow us to store such images, in our archive for 20 years, with consistent quality.

Nowadays, professional medical diagnostics are no longer just analog solutions such as film or negatoscope, but high-end systems that have revolutionized the daily work of doctors, technicians or clinicians. Our company offers advanced systems for medical imaging: calibrated medical monitors, review and diagnostic stations, as well as digital X-ray detectors. Stovaris' offerings also include operating room imaging systems, laser projectors operating in DICOM mode, or document scanners that enable conversion of analog versions of test results to their digital form, and CD/DVD/BD duplicators that enable serial production of discs with personalized test results, for example. In the non-medical imaging part, we focus on systems that organize and facilitate the processes of secure storage of medical units' data, management of the hospital's server room, archiving of medical records or, last but not least, work at a specific medical station.

Medical facilities in Poland are all the time in the phase of intensive investment and modernization of diagnostic as well as IT resources. In response to this demand, in close cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers, we offer innovative solutions for medical imaging enriched with an impressive range of expert services and training in particular applications and solutions. On the other hand, thanks to our cooperation with partners - providers of HIS, PACS and RIS systems - we can comprehensively respond to the digitization needs of clinics, hospitals, wards and medical laboratories. At the same time, we provide implementation and service support. Our offerings in the medical field are much broader than just medical imaging. For medical facilities we offer a whole range of IT hardware and software, our other specializations are complementary to this field, and in each of them we can find dedicated solutions for systems operating in clinics, offices or hospitals.

This group of products is based on the companies' solutions:

ASUS | Barco | EMBITRON | Lantronix | LG Business Solutions | Opengear | Rimage | Silex | Supermicro | Vertiv.