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Medical terminals

Medical terminals (a.k.a. Thin Client with medical certification, all-in-one computers), is a type of small computer that allows a single computer to be shared by multiple users, e.g. in a medical clinic, hospital, office, training rooms, etc. It is usually a small device, with low performance, to which a monitor, keyboard and computer mouse are connected. The terminal itself is also connected to the network, where a server with a powerful VDI system runs. It is the one responsible for sharing the server's disk space between users. Medical terminals use virtualization to operate, more specifically, desktop virtualization or physical machine virtualization, so that the person working on the terminal feels as if he or she is working on a regular desktop computer. Another variety of medical terminal are systems with built-in monitor, where the way of operation is the same as described above, however, there is no need to connect a monitor to this solution, as it is integrated into such a device. Our terminals are medically certified (e.g. IEC60601). They are used for patient service, medical work or patient records, e.g. at the reception desk.

Key features of the medical monitor terminal:

  • White monitor case personalized for medical systems;
  • cloud device, supports connecting directly to the virtual environment;
  • The fanless enclosure reduces the noise generated and helps hospital staff better concentrate on their work;
  • A larger work surface, fewer cables and an attractive design;
  • Space saving, compared to solutions consisting of a separate monitor and computer;
  • ultimate comfort - the monitor can be tilted, rotated from landscape to portrait mode, rotated horizontally and adjusted in height to suit individual needs;
  • The integrated Thin Client system makes it easy to share content and make available all the elements necessary for shift work, enhancing user convenience;
  • The latest RAM modules ensure maximum speed;
  • SSD to boost performance.

Other types of medical terminals

A complementary group of terminal systems are all-in-one devices. It is worth noting that these solutions resemble Thin Client devices with a monitor, but usually have more powerful components and are independent of servers and virtualization in the broadest sense. Of course, they can work in terminal mode, but there is no need for this, and they can operate in stand-alone computer mode. Their use in medicine is very wide - from basic applications like replacing medical workstations, where the main advantage is the compact design (the computer's central processing unit is integrated with the monitor), to applications in test reading and mobile patient handling (some of our all-in-one devices are equipped with a quick-dial touch panel for smooth operation).

One of the most important advantages of medical terminals is their ergonomic operation. Both desktops and laptops have cooling systems equipped with fans to dissipate heat (cool) from power supplies, processors and other integrated circuits. Unfortunately, in addition to blowing warm air from inside the computer or laptop, these fans generate noise. In addition, when magnetic hard drives are used, the noise becomes greater due to their spinning platters. If terminals are used, working conditions are greatly improved due to the absence of moving parts and reduced noise. Other benefits are power savings, very low heat emission, small size, reduced cabling and aesthetic appearance. Such solutions are very easy to configure and install. The ease of assigning user privileges, simplicity of management and access to data from anywhere, significantly increase time savings - software installation is done only on the virtual server.

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