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Medical monitors

BARCO brand medical displays

Medical displays are a whole, very wide group, specialized monitors that allow to display, according to current norms and standards, images from all kinds of examinations. We are dealing with monochrome as well as color monitors, working in single, dual and multi-monitor systems, with diagonal ranges from 19" to 55" and larger, used in wards, clinics and operating rooms. Resolutions range from 1.3 MP to 12 MP. By application, medical displays are divided into:

  • descriptive (diagnostic) monitors used for presentation and, in turn, interpretation/diagnosis from images from different types of modalities;
  • review monitors dedicated to physicians in wards or clinics when the description/diagnosis is already done;
  • Operating room monitors for visualization of: patient vital signs, previously performed examinations (e.g., CT, MRI), endoscopic camera images, RIS/HIS information;
  • monitors for dental offices, descriptive and review monitors for pantomography and dental tomography.

We offer products from BARCO, Jusha, Embitron and LG, from all the categories listed above. All monitors are hardware calibrated according to DICOM Part 14 guidelines, using specialized software. Dedicated calibrators with software can be purchased. We also offer specialized medical graphics cards and entire diagnostic stations, in various configurations with matrix systems that ensure full security of the data stored on them. The stations are built based on the most reliable components, from the world's leading manufacturers. Warranty for individual components is a minimum of 3 years, for descriptive monitors standard 5 years with the possibility of extension to 7 years.

This group of products is based on the companies' solutions:

Barco | EMBITRON | Jusha | LG Business Solutions

Contact persons:

Marcin Cichecki

Sales Director
tel. +48 222 484 000

Paweł Waszniewski

Product Manager
tel. +48 885 805 609