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Document scanners

If you have printed letters and applications languishing on your desk, risks of printed paper ending up in the shredder every day, and you're worried that you're wasting too much money and energy on inefficient printing, you've come to the right place. Stovaris offers solutions for digitizing paper documents, in almost any quantity. All you need to do is choose the right scanner and additional software to improve the quality of scanned documents. In our product portfolio you will find only solutions from well-known and respected manufacturers - Fujitsu, Panasonic and Mustek. Our offer includes both compact portable scanners for the home, as well as very powerful production scanners. The devices we offer use both CCD scanning technology (cold cathode lamp) and CIS (a method based on LEDs that emit light in three basic colors - green, blue and red). At Stovaris you will find:

  • Flatbed scanners - so-called flatbed scanners dedicated to digitizing single sheets of paper.
  • Portable scanners - sub-systems with a built-in battery that will allow you to scan documents on the go or during a meeting with contractors.
  • Book scanners - for digitizing old and very fragile documents. Their main feature is the possibility of non-contact scanning (even A3 format).
  • Network scanners (wi-fi and wired) - ideal for group work.
  • Office or departmental scanners - have a powerful and automatic feeder for scanned documents (ADF). They digitize up to dozens of pages per minute.
  • Production scanners - will find use wherever there is a need to digitize huge amounts of paper documents, such as archives. Their productivity is up to 140 pages per minute.
  • Large-format scanners - for scanning documents of considerable size (even A0 format).

In addition to the range of scanning units themselves, at Stovaris you will find all the necessary consumable parts (e.g. transport rollers), scanner cleaning kits and additional accessories such as collating sheets (allowing A3 or B4 scanning on an A4 type scanner). In addition to parts for self-maintenance of scanners, we also provide professional maintenance services. Our engineers are certified service technicians for Fujitsu and Panasonic scanners.

This group of products is based on the companies' solutions:

Fujitsu | Mustek | Panasonic

Contact persons:

Daniel Murawski

Product Manager
tel. +48 691 701 175

Michal Gardocki

Pre-Sales Engineer
tel. +48 502 447 112