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IT networks

Under the term IT Networks there is a very wide spectrum of products and solutions. Our company focuses on a few selected groups listed below. In each of them, we work with suppliers who are leaders in their technological area.

W grupie kart sieciowych oferujemy oprócz standardowych kart 1/10/25/40/100/200 Gb również takie, które posiadają dodatkowe funkcjonalności, takie jak Low Lattency < 1µs, DDoS protection, Packet Capture, PCoIP (wirtualny desktop).

The wide range of network switches includes Ethernet, Open Networking, SDN, Infiniband, SD-WAN and PoE switches.

A separate group is made up of products related to network monitoring and security forming the so-called Network Visibility Platform and Security Delivery Platform. It is formed by specialized switches that aggregate and filter network traffic delivered to them via TAPs(Test Access Points). In addition, this group offers network traffic probes, NPB(Network Packet Broker) switches and packet recorders(Packet Capture). The listed devices enable the most effective use of network, application and IT Security monitoring tools.

The offer is complemented by NTP/PTP time servers and network accessories such as optical inserts(transciever) and AOC and DOC cables.

We help build modern IT networks

Our goal is to provide modern IT solutions, including time servers, which allow us to build reliable and efficient IT networks. Offering, among others, network cards and switches, such as NBP, we provide professional support in the selection, and on top of that we can take care of their implementation.

We also take care of IT infrastructure security, the basis of which is constant network monitoring. Among other things, we have testers, modern network traffic meters and data packet recorders. Administrators using them can react on an ongoing basis to any problems and threats appearing in the IT system, thus reducing the risk of failure, for example. These tools also make it possible to search for weak points in the infrastructure and so-called bottlenecks that negatively affect the company's productivity.

The basis of any IT system is also time servers, which will also be included in the offer. As a distributor of IT devices and tools, we can offer the best solutions. We invite you to purchase network testers, traffic meters for network monitoring, various types of network cards, NBP switches and other products - we will help you choose the best solutions !