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Network Packet Brokers (NPB).

Network Packet Broker ( NPB ) switches are a key component of network monitoring and security.

Network monitoring is a rather broad topic and covers various aspects and technologies. Most often by network monitoring systems we mean various types of network traffic analyzers, network and application performance analyzers. In addition, monitoring also includes systems that examine network traffic for threats of hacking attacks.

The second aspect of monitoring is to ensure maximum efficiency, effectiveness and cost optimization for the aforementioned systems and devices. This is where manufacturers come to the rescue, offering products and solutions that form a platform referred to by the English terms Network Visibility and Security Delivery Platform.

In view of APT (advanced persistent threats) and other threats, it is essential for the effectiveness of security systems and diagnostic probes to have 100% insight into the network traffic of a given enterprise and prevent the loss of even individual packets.

NPB switches collect network traffic from TAPs or SPAN ports, where it is subjected to filtering, deduplication and aggregation processes and then delivered to one or more diagnostic devices. Each port can be freely configured as input or output, which in turn allows connections to be set up on a many-to-many basis. In addition, the switches can have the following functionality: time stamping, packet slicing, header stripping, load balancing and bypass to support in-line devices.

The switches are available for all 1G/10G/40G/100G network speeds. The devices support all media: copper, optical, multi-mode and single-mode.

Alstor SDS Apcon Network Packet Broker

They handle network traffic at layers L1-L4, and the more advanced ones allow packet filtering at layers up to L-7.

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