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Open Networking

Nowadays, a wide spectrum of possibilities for composing and managing network environments, especially when deploying open source operating systems on so-called programmable switches, is gaining popularity, especially for projects where we use distributed Edge Computing systems with high performance. The rapid development of operating system virtualization was followed by the development of network virtualization technologies such as SDN (Software-Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization). This trend has led to the separation of operating system, management and network functions from hardware.

Open networking(Open Ethernet) allows you to build a network infrastructure based on the most suitable network equipment designed for a specific professional application. We offer a full range of solutions in this product range, i.e. Bare Metal Switches (White Box Switches), open management software, and network cables and modules designed for SD-WAN systems.

Using open networking hardware(Open Networking), built on switches such as EdgeCore Networks ' Data Center Switch series or Nvidia Networking and SONIC(Software for Open Networking in the Cloud), Netvisor ONE or Cumulus Linux(NVidia Networking) software, customers can reduce purchase costs by 30 to 60%, compared to traditional vendors - Cisco, Arista, among others. Thus, dependence on a single vendor is eliminated, and innovation is actively supported and accelerated. Our architecture harnesses the power of network processing by intelligently distributing packets to each switch, so customers from any point gain greater visibility, troubleshooting and system upgrades across the network.

Possibilities of application of Open Networking systems

  • Load Balancing - reducing latency and improving network throughput.
  • Offloading Protocols - provides more bandwidth and increases network transmission.
  • In-band Network Telemetry - improves network management and monitoring.
  • Network Security - detects DDoS attacks, establishes a blacklist of IP addresses, improves network security.
  • Network Packet Broker(NPB) - defines header structures and controls the processing of network packets.
  • Video Stream Processing - enables high-speed Audio-Video data traffic on high-bandwidth switches.
  • Unified Fabric Manager (UFM) - enables real-time network telemetry with intelligent analysis.

How do we implement Open Networking systems ?

Most Open Networking implementations consist of four main groups of elements:

  • Bare Metal: Open hardware as an unlabeled platform on which the entire system is based.
  • ONIE: An open network installation environment aimed at building a complete environment for Bare Metal switches.
  • NOS: A standalone network operating system to run and support software installed on a Bare Metal solution such as SONIC.
  • Processor: an integrated circuit that is customized for a specific application (ASIC) found in a Bare Metal device. These types of chips are designed at several manufacturers where a great deal of flexibility in the proposed devices is possible.


This group of products is based on the companies' solutions:

H3C | EdgeCore Networks | Nvidia Networking | ProLabs.

Contact persons:

Szymon Domański

Product Manager
tel. +48 885 804 064

Marcin Cichecki

Sales Director
tel. +48 502 278 697