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Network switches

Network switches are devices that receive incoming data packets and redirect them to their destination on local area networks (LANs). Communication between the devices takes place over copper or fiber-optic cables. Network switches are more "intelligent" than the previously used network hubs (hubs), which simply forwarded packets using all ports except the one they received them on. Hubs could not distinguish between users on the network and were less efficient. Find out which network switch(network switch) is right for you.

Unmanaged network switch

An unmanaged network switch can work immediately out of the box. However, it is not as sophisticated as a managed network switch. Managed network switches are designed for the user to start using them, without installation and configuration. Such devices are more suited to home solutions, due to their simplicity of operation (they are usually physical switches on a chassis) and readiness to operate without requiring advanced IT knowledge.

Managed network switch

A managed network switch has a wide range of options for modification and customization. The most common management methods are the CLI (command line interface), which can be accessed via serial ports, telnet, SSH, SNMP agent or a web interface reached via a web browser, for example.

Network switch - functions:

- Enabling and disabling designated ports;
- Manipulating connection bandwidth or Duplex settings;
- Setting priority ports;
- MAC address filtering and many other security features such as TACACS+ and RADIUS;
- Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) technologies to prevent loops;
- Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to monitor connection and device quality;
- Port Mirroring, which is copying traffic from one port to another that can be used, for example. in networking solutions.

We offer network switch from companies such as Allied Telesis, NVIDIA (formerly Mellanox), EnGenius, Microchip and NetGear.

Network switch

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