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Network packet recorders

Network packet recorders are an essential part of any:

  • Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) system,
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) system,
  • network security system.

They enable the capture of network packets with 100% precision and their continuous storage.

Dedicated network packet recorders offer additional functionality. As a rule, they are offered as diagnostic platforms with the possibility of installing applications such as IPS, IDS, NPM or APM. These can be open-source solutions, as well as from such established companies as Splunk, Plixer, Paloalto, Dynatrace or Riverbed. DVRs usually come with software that enables analysis of the data collected by the device, network visibility and threat detection.

Packet recorders are a necessary complement to SIM/SIEM-type solutions. These types of devices collect information only when an event occurs and not continuously, which may not be sufficient from the point of view of analyzing the causes or documenting an event (e.g., a cyber attack).

In addition, such devices can be integrated with Network Packet Broker switches, handling traffic in physical and virtual networks.

The recorders also come in the form of special network cards that allow users to build their own analytical solutions.

We also offer several proprietary solutions from network manufacturers such as Allegro Packets (with its Allegro series of network multimeters), Cubro (with its Omnia series of devices), and ProfiTAP (with its IOTA device), which, in addition to their standard analytical functions, allow network packets to be recorded on embedded disks, or storage systems connected to them for historical analysis.

This group of products is based on the company's solutions:

 Allegro Packets | Cubro | ProfiTAP   

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