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Time servers

As you read these words, all the servers and workstations on your network are generating timestamps for files, emails, transactions and so on. At the same time, server logs record every type of transaction in case this information is needed for auditing or investigative analysis. It's also quite possible that during the day automatic processes such as archiving, directory synchronization or cron jobs will change some files based on the timestamps.

All the above operations are based on the assumption that the devices give the correct time.

But is this really the case?

To answer this question, you need to pay attention to whether the time source is:

  • accurate and precise,
  • safe,
  • easy to use and implement.

In many networks, the answer to the first question is "not necessarily." Computer clocks, for example, are notorious for drifting. This is because most of them measure time using cheap oscillators or battery-powered quartz crystals, which can "speed up" or "slow down" by a few seconds or even minutes in a single day, leading to significant deviations over time.

Most modern enterprise networks therefore rely on time servers that obtain time information from GNSS, the worldwide satellite navigation system, and then transmit it to clients via the Network Time Protocol ( NTP ). NTP time servers also use stable internal oscillators, which provide a safety net in case of satellite signal loss.

The precision of a self-operating oscillator depends on its type: standard quartz oscillators provide accuracy of up to 400 microseconds within the first 24 hours of signal loss, while rubidium oscillators provide accuracy of less than one microsecond.

In order to meet customers' demands for time stamps, Stovaris (formerly Alstor SDS) is working with the best providers of time synchronization services.

Microsemi time servers

Microsemi's SyncServer series products feature the ability to maintain very high time accuracy, even when GPS signals are lost. In the highest model with the Rubidium oscillator, the discrepancy within the first 24 hours is less than one microsecond, which is unique in the world. In addition to oscillator versions, power supply redundancies and the manufacturer's enormous technical support and service capabilities are also available for customer choice.

Microsemi SyncServer offers the precise, secure and reliable time synchronization services that every modern network needs. This enhanced server is specifically designed to deliver precise NTP (Network Time Protocol) timestamps. Its easy-to-use features address current and future network needs, delivering time data in a reliable and secure manner. Security is an integral part of the SyncServer series product architecture. The device has standard security features related to the web interface, NTP operations and server access. In addition, the time server also allows bypassing unsafe access protocols and disabling other services.

Stovaris offer

Stovaris offers both Microsemi's SyncServer models with a server room mounting option and models with the ability to be installed outside the building - in the least favorable weather conditions. The S80 features Grade 4 seismic resistance, an IP66 moisture and dust tightness rating for the housing, and a 5VB flammability rating.

Timestamping service, in the form of a device function, can also be found in Garland Technology's Network Packet Brockers and Apcon's IntellaFlex Multi Function blade.

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