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What are network testers? What capabilities do they currently have

Network testers are versatile devices that not only check the parameters of copper and fiber optic cables, but also enable LAN diagnostics. A LAN (Local Area Network) is a local computer network that connects computers, workstations and peripherals to exchange data and access shared resources and servers.

We offer innovative lan network testers (meters) that can check, among other things, the topology of our network, the locations of Wi-FI access points, or the heat map of the wireless signal in the room. The functions of network testers are really many, but before that it is worth grouping them by functionality, so that the system meets the requirements of users and guarantees data transmission with the right parameters.

Wi-Fi (wireless network) testers

Wi-Fi measurement tools offer a number of helpful features for planning and maximizing the performance of wireless connections. With their help, we can verify channel density on selected frequencies, take field measurements of a room, and even physically locate detected wireless devices. All this to ensure an efficient and reliable wireless network for users. Modern WLAN - or wireless LAN - testers (such as the NetAlly AirCheck G3) also support Wi-FI 6 to meet new Wi-FI deployments.

WLAN network meter offered by Stovaris

Wired (cable) network testers, impact on LANs

With the help of the LAN meter today, we will not only verify the speed of a multi-gig copper link, measure the SNR or transmission of Ethernet frames through our cabling. We will also test the transmission performance between two nodes (packet loss, delay, jitter, QoS), as well as obtain a map of the topology of connected devices, which is crucial for the proper operation of a LAN. The latest cable network measurement devices support speeds of up to 10 Gigabits. Compared to ordinary cable testers, NetAlly's tools are state-of-the-art measuring devices used to diagnose and repair computer network problems.

LAN testers in the offer of Stovaris

Network testers and LAN meters offered by Stovaris

Our focus is only on NetAlly network testers. The company comes from the same roots as Fluke, but at a later stage it moved away from creating devices for certification, focusing on expanding the capabilities of its solutions. The result has been comprehensive network measurement tools capable of analyzing both the physical connections, interference and logic of the wired and wireless networks to which computers, workstations and peripherals on a local network are connected. NetAlly's latest product is Cyberscope, the world's first portable cybersecurity analyzer, which adds to the above features the ability to detect devices on the network and test them for vulnerabilities.

The full range of testing equipment and their broader technical description are available in our product catalog, available at:

Stovaris can help you choose the right LAN meter

We offer LAN testers, which are essential for maintaining and installing network infrastructure. We offer technical support, providing comprehensive advice and specialized consultant support to help customers choose the right equipment. We will help you analyze your needs to choose the right LAN meter (analyzer) based on wired connections, or a tester that performs WLAN (wireless network) measurements.

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