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IoT gateways and application management

Internet of Things (IoT).

Stably maintained connection

With the advent of the Internet of Things, it has become necessary to ensure a high level of resilience for data centers and network devices. In 2022, the number of IoT-connected devices will be around 22 billion. Given that the Internet of Things is becoming increasingly ubiquitous - organizations in almost every industry need to strengthen network infrastructures, including through out-of-band cellular solutions.

Management of critical endpoints

As they move computing resources out of data centers, among other things, organizations need to handle all their data more efficiently - no matter where it comes from. Routers, switches and other network devices that are a fundamental part of computing can help effectively manage data and the so-called backhaul flow.

IoT environment management

Advancing digitization, the Internet of Things and the increasing dispersion of devices are creating entirely new challenges for administrators in IT departments. They must take care of managing distributed network environments in remote offices, production facilities and private clouds. They must ensure constant connectivity and minimize network failures. With help come devices that enable out-of-band management, providing access to IT equipment at any time, regardless of the functionality and connectivity of the local network. By combining an investment in IoT with Opengear's solutions, organizations can be assured that the network underpinning their operations will function properly, and problems can be quickly identified and easily resolved.

LoRaWAN gateways

Our LoRaWAN gateways provide an important bridge between IoT sensors and the network. They serve as hardware nodes that facilitate the multidirectional flow of information. A LoRaWAN-based gateway is a central part of your IoT ecosystem, enabling you to collect and send data to a cloud platform. As a result, LoRaWAN gateways can improve the overall security of your network.

By using LoRaWAN technology, we will be able to achieve an extension of our Internet network coverage with an energy-efficient long-range system. Thus, the LoRaWAN gateway will help us connect a number of battery-operated devices that otherwise could not be connected wirelessly to our system. 

Features of LoRaWAN Gates

  • Full security - Since TEKTELIC gateways are based on LoRaWAN technology, they provide a highly reliable and scalable solution. The gateway's firewall ensures that only authorized users have access to the system, and the encryption feature protects data from interception.
  • Cost-effectiveness - TEKTELIC gates offer an attractive combination of performance and affordability, providing a cost-effective solution over the entire life cycle of the device. More than 10 gateway designs to save on deployment and operating costs, which account for 95% of total costs.
  • Top-of-the-line design - LoRaWAN gateways are designed with carrier-grade construction, providing a level of robustness and reliability that meets the rigorous standards of telecom operators. Experience superior performance and durability, backed by a design built for the requirements of mission-critical IoT applications. 
  • Simple configuration and operation right out of the box - TEKTELIC gateways redefine the simplicity of IoT deployment and management. With user-friendly configurations, remote management capabilities and seamless integration with popular IoT platforms, our gateways enable easy network deployment and management, saving time and resources.

What are LoRaWAN gateways used for?

In a LoRaWAN network, the gateway serves as a communication bridge between LoRaWAN devices and the LoRaWAN network server. When these devices send data, the Gateway receives it and transmits it to the network server, which processes and manages the information. Similarly, data from the server is sent back to the devices via the Gateway. The Gateway is the key link that facilitates communication between the devices and the network, ensuring efficient and reliable communication.

What kind of range can LoRaWAN gateways have?

The coverage area of a LoRaWAN gateway depends on various factors, such as its output power, antenna gain and environmental conditions. Typically, a LoRaWAN gateway can cover 3 to 20 kilometers in open space.

However, in urban environments or areas with obstacles, coverage may decrease. It is necessary to conduct a site survey to determine the optimal placement of gates for the desired range.

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