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Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

IoMT ( Internet of Medical Things) is a fully connected infrastructure of medical devices, applications and health systems and services. It is an extension of the iHealthcare issue and idea strongly promoted by industry leader (IIoT) and leading player in the global healthcare market Advantech.

The continued increase in the number of devices connected to the medical network, the "networking" of equipment that previously operated as a separate entity, and the introduction of sensors and devices used in the patient's home into the medical network are increasing data transfer and causing compatibility issues. Connectivity between medical devices and sensors improves data management and leads to overall improvements in patient care. Care is therefore significantly improved both inside any medical facility and in external locations such as nursing homes or patients' personal residences. In summary, IoMT solutions strongly support patient-centered telemedicine policies, connect hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities to integrate medical resources and provide a remote care network that can respond to remote patients in real time. Teleportation not only relieves the burden on medical facilities, but also enables the delivery of quality healthcare.

Currently, medical devices measuring human vital signs, smart implants, instant communication systems (here, as in typical IoT systems, network nodes communicate with each other directly, without human involvement) are listed as the main devices of the Internet of Medical Things (IoTM). The devices themselves connect to receivers located in the doctor's office or hospital. As a result, without leaving home, a patient will receive medical advice, and an ambulance will automatically be summoned to elderly people who feel unwell. Networked medical equipment will also communicate in IoMT-connected medical networks. In addition, increasingly, some industrial applications of IoT are being transferred to the medical industry, including studying movement (movement) around a facility, controlling installations, lighting, and even keeping an inventory of hospital equipment.

IoMT systems security

The continued growth and complexity of the number of networked medical devices capable of generating, collecting, analyzing and transmitting patient health data to a repository on local or cloud servers is driving the need for greater protection of this data.

Huge numbers of healthcare IT and medical IoT devices are used to care for patients and enhance clinical work in healthcare organizations, however they are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Connected medical devices are a huge challenge for health IT - biomedical and security organizations. Such devices cannot be disconnected because of their critical role in patient care. So any attack threatens patient safety, data confidentiality and the availability of medical services.

Our IoMT solution portfolio includes medical software, which offers great support in building a medical data security system. The solution improves the availability of asset information and reduces the security risks of medical devices. It also provides comprehensive insight into healthcare IT by detecting and intelligently profiling medical devices and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). It simultaneously enables security risk assessment, threat reporting and the collation of device information from multiple data sources.

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