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Monitoring of industrial networks

Our systems mainly monitor IT networks, however they have a fair number of applications in industrial networks. The hardware interfaces used in these solutions allow connection and monitoring of all popular industrial automation networks. Thanks to the products in the Stovaris portfolio, administrators responsible for industrial operation and security have access, in real time, to all existing connections and devices, as well as their visualization.

Analysis and monitoring takes place directly in the middle of industrial networks and at the edge (Edge Computing), just as it does in typical IT systems. This allows us to see unwanted communications in the OT/IT network right away. The analysis and monitoring devices allow visualization of traffic statistics in the OT/IT network, most often via a built-in and configurable dashboard, and can be accessed via a regular web browser.


Monitoring and detection of anomalies

The devices of our suppliers, thanks to packet analysis, the use of NetFlow characteristics and the use of correlation, allow the detection of undesirable operation of control systems and bad connections. The systems have mechanisms that allow the use of external operating models designed for the monitored network. Most solutions have artificial intelligence (AI) and analytical machine learning (ML) modules, responsible for detecting anomalies occurring in the network.

Network monitoring software

We offer specialized software for diagnostics, remote validation, and monitoring of industrial Ethernet networks. This tool has the ability to automatically detect network topology, diagnose and monitor multiple subnetworks, and report on the occurrence of specific events. The systems also have remote configuration capabilities for individual devices and network status reporting. The network is managed and configured through an interface as standard, via a Web browser.

This group of products is based on the companies' solutions:

 Advantech | Allegro Packets | Cubro | Cryptomage | NetAlly | NetBrain | Paessler | ProfiTAP.

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