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Industrial routers and gateways

Industrial routers are designed for industrial access networks. One of the most important functions is network segmentation and enabling secure remote access to devices on the local network (VPN). The main functionalities of industrial routers are the ability to configure a firewall, filter traffic between specific devices/network segments, as well as packet inspection (e.g. Modbus).

Industrial routers

The equipment in our range is ideal for any industrial application, such as monitoring the operation of machinery on the plant. Thanks to their RS232 and RS485 serial ports, it will be possible to connect our devices to any machine communicating in this popular standard. Two inputs for SIM cards and support for many of the most popular VPN tunnels, on the other hand, will allow the device to work smoothly in any conditions.

Our industrial routers from Milesight are also ideal for CCTV systems. Dedicated to working around cameras and providing them with network connectivity, the UR32S router features two Ethernet ports providing PoE, while its small size and the wide range of temperatures it can operate in make it an ideal option for outdoor deployments.

Application of LoRaWAN systems

Because of its simplicity, this solution is widely used in transportation, agriculture and manufacturing industries. It is the best solution for industrial applications that transmit small amounts of data at low speeds. Data can be transmitted over a much longer distance than with other wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. This makes devices using the LoRa protocol ideal for transmitting sensor data in low-power modes.

LoRaWAN technology and systems using it are suitable for applications that require performance monitoring, using a variety of specialized sensors. Applications cover a wide spectrum, including healthcare, smart cities, transportation and logistics. Stovaris offers solutions dedicated to specific applications where LoRaWAN technology works best. Especially if they require the placement of sensors in remote rooms, halls or facilities.

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