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Specialised servers

Specialised servers are solutions designed to support a specific type of software or even one specific application. This idea of using server solutions is becoming more and more popular. For a long time, servers have ceased to be offered and sold as ready-made solutions straight from the so-called "off the shelf", i.e. universal platforms that can serve any application with higher or lower efficiency. Servers used for a specific task may have a Tower or RACK19" casing and their size ranges from 1U up to 6U. Moreover, such specialised servers may have various applications, and they are most frequently used to operate websites, e-mail, in advanced versions in Big Data systems, Deep learning or artificial intelligence (AI).

The optimal solution should be built taking into account the size of the space we have and the critical conditions that our system should meet. We can choose from several key solutions. These are cluster or blade systems that fulfil the highest level of security. We can also decide to apply a traditional solution - a regular server with a redundant power supply and only one processor. It is worth equipping our specialised server with additional components, e.g. by installing many additional graphics cards we increase the computing power of our system. The best solution is to use servers with a modular design, which allows to expand the system. Thanks to this, we have a guarantee that our server will meet our current expectations, but also that we will be able to develop it in the future, as our needs grow.

Specialised industrial servers

Industrial servers are specialised systems usually designed for mounting in 19″ rack cabinets. They are based on the latest Intel Xeon and AMD Epyc processors, supporting multiple industrial SSD drives, with built-in RAID. They support Microsoft Windows Server operating systems, the latest Linux distributions, virtualisation built using Hyper-V and VmWare software and hyper-converged VSAN platforms from StarWind.

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