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Additional services


Since the beginning of our activity, we make sure that each customer, in addition to the product, receives professional technical assistance. We will help you professionally install all the equipment we offer, instruct you on how to optimally and economically operate it and ensure its trouble-free use.


We also organize trainings to familiarize clients with the latest technologies we offer. The trainings we conduct help our Partners to see how the solutions offered by Stovaris (formerly Alstor SDS) can improve their IT systems. Trainings are conducted by qualified personnel with many years of practical experience. We tailor the topics of the trainings to the individual needs of our Customers and Business Partners.

Matrix rental service

Stovaris in its offer also has a service of renting disk arrays, we offer devices from companies such as Infortrend, Promise, Nexsan. The offered device and the rental time are determined individually with the customer. Along with the equipment, we offer you the support of a specialized engineer, which will allow you to quickly and smoothly launch our device in your environment. For more information on the offer, please contact the Stovaris sales department.

Scanner rental service

Stovaris offers a rental service for document scanners from companies such as Panasonic and Fujitsu. This service includes the delivery of a scanner to the customer for a period of 1 to 6 months (for longer leases, the terms are negotiated individually). The rented devices are technically efficient and equipped with the necessary scanning software provided by the manufacturer. Consumables are included in the rental cost and are supplied at the expense of the service provider (Stovaris - formerly Alstor SDS). Their replacement is carried out by the renter, on his own. At the special request of the customer, there is the possibility of full service of the scanner by the service provider (including replacement of materials and consumable parts). For more information on the offer, please contact the Stovaris sales department.

Matrix rental service

We offer you a rental service of disk arrays from companies such as Infortrend and Promise. We rent devices for a period of up to 2 weeks, other terms are set individually. This service is designed to allow you to familiarize yourself with our devices in your work environments. The equipment rental service includes the care of certified engineers who are fully qualified in the equipment we rent. Each of them has many years of experience, and thus knowledge acquired not only during training, but also deepened during implementations in various client environments. For more information on the offer, please contact the Stovaris sales department.

Scanner rental service

Stovaris gives the opportunity to rent scanners of brands for several days: Fujitsu and Panasonic. The purpose of the rental service is to test the functionality and compatibility of the scanning equipment with the Client's systems. This allows the customer to confirm and make sure that the equipment he intends to purchase fully meets his expectations.

Contact persons:

Michal Gardocki

Pre-Sales Engineer
tel. +48 502 447 112

Sylwester Pytkowski

Pre-Sales Engineer
tel. +48 507 015 459

Sylwester Giermaz

Pre-Sales Engineer
tel. +48 501 361 013

Lukasz Slupski

Pre-Sales Engineer
tel. +48 723 941 484