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RMA repair notification

In the event of a defect in the goods, you should file a complaint using the following procedure:

  1. Verify where you can file a claim for a particular product, this information can be found in the document Table of warranty and guarantee periods (at Stovaris or at the manufacturer's authorized service center). When Stovaris is indicated in the table as the service point, please go to point 2.
  2. Complete the application using the form available in the menu above.
  3. Once the request is verified, the number of the request will be emailed to you, products sent back to Stovaris service should be properly protected preferably using the original manufacturer's packaging.


(1) The application is valid for two weeks after its positive verification! If the reported device is not delivered to the service facility within this period, its return will require a new claim.

2 Please properly protect the device for transportation. For this purpose, it is best to use the original packaging with fillers. The device should be secured in such a way that it does not move by itself and is separated from the walls of the package with soft fillers. For heavier devices, we recommend placing the package on a transport pallet and securing it with safety straps.

Shipping address:
Stovaris Sp. z o.o. - Service
ul. Staniewicka 18 lok. 19
03-310 Warsaw

phone: +48 222 484 001

Please mark the RMA number on the package. Without this number, shipments to the Service are not accepted.

(3) We service products that are not covered by our warranty or guarantee. In order to repair them, you must fill out a claim form.

Contact persons:

Sylwester Pytkowski

Pre-Sales Engineer
tel. +48 507 015 459

Lukasz Slupski

Pre-Sales Engineer
tel. +48 723 941 484