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IT Governance and Security

The term "security" in IT has a very broad meaning, and can refer to both the safe storage of data and securing it from unauthorized access.

IT security is an ongoing process that involves constantly assessing the current situation, identifying needs and adjusting configurations. Real-time assessment of threats and trust in the IT environment will enable companies to make better security decisions. One practical example is granting users additional privileges, only after verifying their previous behavior. Such action nullifies abuse.

Why invest in IT security ?

Widespread access to the Internet and the collection of more and more information in electronic form are forcing increased investment in IT security. Inadequate security can result in the loss of classified information or personal data, which can have very serious consequences, including legal ones. On the other hand, the failure of equipment or IT system can lead to downtime in the operation of the company, resulting in financial losses. It should be remembered that an IT system is safe as much as its weakest link is safe. And so, investments in state-of-the-art systems will not pay off unless a proper plan is developed or reliable software is installed.

For this reason, it is worthwhile to use the services of specialists who not only sell equipment and tools to improve IT security, but also offer support in their selection. At Stovaris we can offer the best solutions in this area, which include:

  • tools to facilitate IT asset management (ITAM), which means both desktop and mobile devices and services,
  • virtual desktop, or PCoIP protocol responsible for encoding the desktop of the server to which the user logs in,
  • Modern equipment that allows encryption of media, such as external encrypted USB flash drives,
  • user management software.

We offer only tools and devices from the best manufacturers. Investment in them increases IT security in the company, and on top of that, it often facilitates the use of extensive IT infrastructure.

We will help you choose solutions to improve your IT security

Our experts can help you choose the most suitable solutions for your business. We will suggest the best tools for IT asset management and media encryption, PCoIP protocols for virtual desktop work and much more, and we can take care of their implementation and configuration.

This group of products is based on the companies' solutions:

Cryptomage | DataLocker | iStorage | Matrix42 | netBrain | Paessler