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Cybersecurity is closely linked to the timeliness of operating systems and installed applications. It is understood that as many as 75% of cyber attacks exploit well-known vulnerabilities in commercial software, which could be avoided by regularly updating it. In addition, 86% of reported vulnerabilities come from third-party applications such as Oracle/Sun Java (91% of web attacks; 76% of attacks on systems with unsupported versions of Java), Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash. Since operating systems are updated fairly frequently, attackers focus on applications. For these reasons, update management software is crucial for many organizations.

Cybersecurity management tools

Stovaris offers tools for managing cybersecurity (servers, desktops, notebooks and mobile devices e.g. iPad, iPhone). These products support desktop operating systems such as Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac, as well as mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone. They protect devices and important data from any threats by: managing updates to operating systems and applications, with remote distribution, encrypting data, requiring compliance with security policies, applications or I/O ports for workgroups or individual users.

Cyber security in the company

The company's cyber security is ensured by the following components, among others:

  • Spyware detection and blocking,
  • Managing updates to the operating system or selected applications,
  • Blocking suspicious applications,
  • Managing access to the computer's I/O ports (in particular, restrictions when writing to USB flash drives),
  • Detecting and blocking unauthorized access in the network (intruders).

Update management software

We also offer update management software packages. One is an add-on to Microsoft System Center and is used to update third-party applications such as Java, Flash, Chrome, FireFox or iTunes. System Center Configuration Manager allows you to update (with its own mechanisms) third-party applications.

Other solutions allow updating and patch management on endpoint devices, as well as on servers not under Microsoft System Center control. Using them, any organization can regularly and comprehensively detect, analyze and update thousands of systems based on self-defined rules, without overloading the network or disrupting user productivity.

View, analyze and protect diverse client environments

It allows you to view all patches installed on client systems, and performs an assessment of cyber security vulnerabilities using verified, reliable sources of information. The found threats to operating systems and third-party applications can then be eliminated on Microsoft Windows®, Linux and Mac OS®.

Automation of the introduction of amendments

The solution can automate patch management and installation, giving IT staff detailed, rules-based control over where, when and how often patches are deployed. Security vulnerabilities can be patched even on devices that are not connected to the network, and scheduling and rule creation features make the entire process much faster and easier.

Installation of patches on remote devices

Installing patches on remote devices is accomplished through the use of the cloud, allowing IT staff to assess the status of systems and install patches on devices located anywhere in the world. It doesn't even require a VPN connection.

Secure data transfer

We offer a secure data transfer solution based on PCoIP protocol, thanks to it, only the displayed pixel information is transferred, no business information ever leaves the local resources, cloud or data center . In addition, the company's data and software are secured in central systems, so no one can modify or filter the data. Traffic over the PCoIP interface is secured with AES 256 encryption, which meets the highest level of security required by government agencies.

This group of products is based on the company's solutions:

Cryptomage | Matrix42

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