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Unified end device management (UEM)

A very important part of computer systems are tools for managing IT infrastructure (servers, PCs, laptops or mobile devices - including tablets, smartphones). These products support desktop operating systems such as Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac. IT infrastructure management solutions also support software dedicated to mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).
Management tools through a common console allow searching for the above-mentioned devices on the network, distributing operating systems and software, remote access to devices, energy management and report generation.

Tasks of the UEM platform

The task of the UEM platform is to effectively manage IT infrastructure resources, which is accomplished using the following components:

  • Detection and inventory of all IT assets (workstations, servers and other devices with IP addresses);
  • Remote installation of operating systems on computers or their migration;
  • creation of virtual applications;
  • distributing traditional and virtual applications to individual computers using efficient, patented data transfer technology;
  • Monitoring the use of software licenses on individual computers (how many owned versus used);
  • Remote access to computers, even those outside the internal network;
  • Power management of all owned computers;
  • Statistics and reporting mechanisms.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

We offer a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution, at which you can gain a broader view of your entire asset base, including mobile devices and integrating them with traditionally managed devices. This allows the IT team to step into a world of "hyper-automation" enabling them to independently repair, secure devices and provide personalized, contextualized use.

Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management

Stovaris delivers the Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management solution, combining the advantages of modern Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and classic Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) functions in a single product. With user-based licensing, the number of available devices per user is no longer relevant.

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