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Manageable encrypted storage media

Stovaris is able to offer a complete solution for comprehensive data protection, namely the manufacturer's hardware-encrypted USB flash drives DataLocker, manageable by SafeConsole software.

DataLocker's encrypted USB flash drives are designed for effective data protection and compliance with agency directives (such as TAA and FIPS). Encrypted USB flash drives from DataLocker are the optimal solution for government applications and businesses of all sizes. Employees transferring corporate data using ordinary flash drives put it at great risk. It's worth protecting confidential or sensitive data by making DataLocker encrypted USB flash drives a corporate standard. With a choice of several models and capacities, any company can choose a memory stick to fit its needs. However, by using USBs - even encrypted and secure ones - employees may commit some negligence, thereby putting sensitive data at risk. Central management and the creation and implementation of policies defining acceptable uses of encrypted drives can help in this regard.

Ways to encrypt USB flash drives

Encryption of USB flash drives can be done in two different ways: hardware or software. Hardware-based encryption uses a separate processor, physically embedded in the encrypted memories. The processor uses advanced technology, providing algorithms that generate the encryption key, which is not revealed to the host system or stored in the system's memory. The fact that DataLocker 's K350 and DL4 series hardware-encrypted USB flash drives do not require any additional software or application installation on host computers makes it dramatically easier for IT departments to manage them.

DataLocker SafeConsole

Also keep in mind the availability of centrally managed solutions that make available an even greater range of security, scalability and management options. The centrally managed software developed by DataLocker extends the functionality of their encrypted USB flash drives in our company's portfolio. The SafeConsole platform offered by DataLocker provides software solutions for centrally managing encrypted USB flash drives. With central management solutions for these drives, IT administrators can manage them easily. Such functionality enables compliance with regulations. By managing encrypted USB storage centrally, IT administrators can provide better support through advanced tools that simplify the integration and use of resources, such as:

  • remote password reset,
  • Setting rules for passwords,
  • Blocking the user's ability to write files to the media,
  • Securely transfer published files directly to your device,
  • Collecting logs from devices,
  • repurposing of memory withdrawn from use.

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