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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM system

MDM ( Mobile Device Management) systems are designed to manage mobile devices running various operator and corporate operating systems. The main purpose of MDM systems is to secure data in managed mobile devices used in enterprises (tablets, smartphones). An important feature of MDM software is also the ability to integrate mobile devices into an enterprise's network infrastructure and configure them remotely.

We offer platforms that allow you to control the functions of the device, which means that the portable equipment becomes subject to the security policy used by the organization. Thus, strict hardware and system restrictions are created. MDM systems offered by Stovaris allow for geolocation of devices. This means that an enterprise's mobile equipment can be located both in the time interval and on the move. The MDM system also allows access to the movement history of mobile device users and preserves the route traveled.

EMM system

An extension of the idea of MDM systems, the more advanced EMM systems, or Enterprise Mobility Management, provide toolkits for managing application and content configuration policies, based on smartphone operating systems. Security administrators of mobile systems do not want to restrict corporate users from using mobile devices in the workplace, thereby facilitating work on different devices while maintaining control over the IT infrastructure. 

The EMM systems market has evolved from previous generation mobile device management (i.e. MDM) products, which lacked application and content management systems, to systems with highly sophisticated setup, containerization and personalization capabilities. Leaders in the industry, seeing the potential that is in EMM systems, decided to further expand management functionality. Important features of EMM software include the ability to integrate mobile devices into an enterprise's network infrastructure and remote configuration by administrators. Nowadays, the BYOD trend and the development of functions related to application management and integration with corporate systems are increasingly causing EMM systems to be talked about in the broader context of managing the entire mobility of a company.

Enterprise Mobile Management

At Stovaris, we promote our partner's solution, Matrix42's Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM/MDM) platform, which is built specifically to manage mobile devices, applications on mobile devices without interfering with users' personal files, while maintaining a very high level of security.

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