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IT Asset Management (ITAM)

IT Asset Management (ITAM), or, in short, knowing the status of a company's assets from the time they are purchased to the time they are decommissioned, is critical to reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.Having an IT asset management system makes it easier to manage licenses, warranties and vendor contracts. Reporting capabilities and constant access to up-to-date information enable better planning, budgeting and reporting.Using IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions allows you to get the most out of your hardware and software.

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

IT asset management is not just about tracking products and activities. It's important to manage IT assets throughout their lifecycle and make sure they don't start to fall into oblivion, lose their properties or become damaged. Normalizing, detecting, and recovering IT assets avoids the risk of financial loss resulting from having hardware and software that is out of control.

Matrix42 for ITAM

The solution based on Matrix42 ITAM(IT Asset Management) software consists of modules for ITasset management. The system makes it possible to track IT assets to maximize the benefits of their ownership. It also facilitates the definition of custom workflows and the implementation of ready-to-use processes. The solution provides insight into the status of managed IT resources. These resources are software and hardware, can be server resources and virtual or cloud resources. The platform continuously detects, identifies and eliminates security threats, even before users become aware of them. It also provides insight into the software environment and application spending, enabling optimization of IT resource performance. One important module of the platform handles communication with software vendors, to monitor new purchases and to develop an accurate picture of licenses held based on available data(License Optimizer). Another module is used to manage hardware resources(Asset Manager) and is designed to manage the entire life cycle of IT systems from purchase to decommissioning.

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