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Warranty terms and conditions

Goods purchased from Stovaris Sp. z o.o., having the warranty of the Manufacturer having a network of authorized service points in Poland, should be claimed directly at these points.

The addresses of the relevant service centers are listed in the "Table of warranty and guarantee periods".

Some of the goods we sell are covered directly by our warranty.

The following are the general terms and conditions of the warranty provided by Stovaris Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Stovaris"):

  1. Stovaris guarantees the goods sold for a period no longer than that specified in the "Table of Warranty and Guarantee Periods" published on the website
  2. The warranty covers liability for defects in goods.
  3. The warranty is excluded if the Purchaser knew about the defect at the time of receipt of the purchased goods.
  4. Complained goods may be delivered in person or sent by the Purchaser, at his risk and expense, to the Stovaris headquarters.
  5. Sending defective goods to Stovaris must be arranged in advance with the Stovaris Service Department.
  6. The Stovaris Service Department will confirm acceptance of the request by assigning a special number (RMA No.).
  7. Stovaris undertakes to resolve complaints within 14 (in words: fourteen) days, calculated from the moment of receipt of defective goods. Exceptionally, this period may be extended if it is impossible to keep it for reasons beyond Stovaris' control.
  8. A complaint can be handled in one of the following ways:
    • Removal of the defect,
    • Replacement of goods with defect-free identical goods,
    • Replacement of goods with another of not inferior parameters in the event of termination of production of the advertised product,
    • withdraw from the transaction and return the amount paid for the goods.
  9. After the complaint is settled, the goods can be released at Stovaris' premises or sent back to the Purchaser, in which case the cost of transportation is covered by Stovaris.
  10. The buyer has the right to choose how to pick up the goods.
  11. The goods should be received by the Purchaser within 2 (in words: two) months counted from the date of settlement of the complaint.
  12. After the expiration of this period, Stovaris will be entitled to liquidate the goods without payment of any compensation.
  13. The complaint procedure does not include: hardware and software installation and maintenance.
  14. The warranty does not cover goods:
    • naturally consumable, or consumables,
    • With damaged seals from Stovaris or the Manufacturer,
    • With illegible serial numbers,
    • incompatibilities resulting from the introduction of technical changes, innovations and standards after the date of sale,
    • improperly used, maintained or stored,
    • mechanically, electrically, thermally or chemically damaged,
    • delivered to Stovaris without proper security.
  15. Stovaris is not responsible for any damage caused by loss of data on media and storage devices.
  16. Stovaris shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, damages of any kind (including unlimited loss of profit or any financial loss) that might arise from the use or inability to use the goods. Also excluded is any liability that might arise from third-party claims.
  17. In the event of an unjustified complaint, Stovaris may charge the Purchaser with the costs of handling the complaint.
  18. The purchaser, in the case of receipt of a shipment from Stovaris and finding it damaged, is obliged, under pain of loss of any further claims, to record the fact of damage to the shipment by the courier company by writing a protocol of damage to the shipment with the courier.
  19. Stovaris has the right to choose how to handle the complaint.