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Traders (PAM)

Stovaris team consists of a dozen or so people. Most of us have been with the company for many years. With our rich experience and knowledge of technology and market specifics we can meet the requirements of dynamically changing trends and fulfill our customers' expectations.

Gabriela Życińska-Doszla

Sales Vice Director
tel.: +48 605 270 991

Gabrysia has been with the company for over 10 years. Her extensive knowledge and professional experience translates directly into maintaining good relations with contractors as well as helping other Stovaris colleagues.

Magdalena Borkowska-Kehl

Partner Account Manager
tel.: +48 605 270 162

We started working with Magda in 2002. The most important values that she brought to our Team are cheerfulness, professionalism and positive relations with the company's Clients, which she has maintained at the highest level until today.

Aneta Dziwani STOVARIS

Aneta Dziwani

Partner Account Manager
tel.: +48 609 104 305

Aneta joined our sales team with the start of 2021. She has many years of professional experience in the IT industry. She has cooperated with large and valued distributors of IT solutions and with manufacturers such as Dell or Microsoft. At Stovaris she is responsible for building and maintaining relations with Business Partners and supporting them in the implementation of projects based on products from our offer.

Michalak Marek STOVARIS

Marek Michalak

Partner Account Manager
tel: +48 693 330 815

Marek's professional interests focus on data centres. He focuses on the comprehensive delivery of modern and proven IT solutions, satisfying the needs of Customers in the area of IT management and security, IT and Data Center infrastructure, storage, archiving and IT networks. As he says, he is not convinced by marketing, he checks, compares, verifies and asks many questions to be able to work out his own opinion on technologies and solutions available on the market.

Jakub Bala Stovaris

Jakub Bala

Partner Account Manager
tel.: +48 609 807 177

Jakub He is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. His previous professional experience is related to foreign trade and export process. Kuba, starting cooperation with Stovaris, has enlarged our sales team. Thus, he supports other Stovaris employees, as well as our customers and business partners with his experience.

Paulina Szmejda STOVARIS

Paulina Szmejda

Partner Account Manager
tel: +48 885 805 516

Paulina joined Stovaris in 2021. She is an experienced sales trainer, which allows her to be light on her feet and confident in building relationships with clients. Her passion for sales makes her work filled with passion and commitment. As a graduate of coaching studies, she is focused on relationships and achieving goals together effectively.

Boris Bartoszuk STOVARIS

Boris Bartoszuk

Partner Account Manager
tel.: +48 506 049 334

Borys has been fascinated with computer hardware since the age of five. He skilfully transfers his professional experience in sales from other business sectors to the IT field. At Stovaris he is responsible for the first line of customer support and is eager to provide full information on the latest technologies available in our offer. He is a long-term student of the Open University of Warsaw and the Warsaw University of Technology Business School.

Merchant Alexander STOVARIS

Aleksander Kupiec

Partner Account Manager
tel.: +48 885 803 922

Alek has several years of professional experience in the IT industry. Among other things, he was involved in running an online shop with outlet IT solutions. He also has experience in handling projects concerning professional graphic monitors. Recently, he has devoted his time to developing his skills related to the sales and distribution channel.