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Our company has permanently inscribed in the landscape of Polish IT distribution market. We have many years of experience in the industry, our history dates back to the 90's. Since then Stovaris (former Alstor SDS) has evolved from a small service company operating in Poland into a classic Value Added Distributor (VAD) with many Partners.

IT infrastructure and Data Center

As a valued distributor in Poland, we offer solutions for server rooms and tools to support IT management, ensuring data security and continuity of work.

IT Governance and Security

Software for managing IT infrastructure, upgrades, IT resources (ITAM) and services (ITSM) tailored to the needs of our Partners.

Servers and storage

Acting as a distributor, we offer devices for archiving, securing and collecting data, including the software supporting them and the whole infrastructure necessary to run them.

IT networks

This product range dedicated for our Partners includes basic devices such as switches, wireless systems, routers, firewalls and advanced security systems and solutions such as TAP or NPB.

Professional IT for the office

In this product section you will find a full range of solutions that enable you to create safe, reliable and ergonomic workplaces, no matter where they are located (at home so-called home office or traditionally in the office).

Medical imaging

Professional medical diagnostics is not only about analog solutions (films, negatoscope), but also about high-end systems which revolutionize everyday work of doctors, technicians or clinicians. At Stovaris you will find IT solutions which streamline the work of medical units.


3... 2... 1... We start with a new name! Alstor SDS changes into Stovaris

Every change is a new challenge. The beginning of the year is a perfect moment to put plans written down on a piece of paper into practice. That is why we are changing the name of our company to Stovaris. This change will have no influence on the way we run our business and our commitments to...


Virtual conference (15.04.2021) "IT network without secrets"

Remote work, dispersed and very extensive infrastructure or many branches are just some of the reasons why more and more companies both in Poland and worldwide experience so called security incidents. It is in the interest of entrepreneurs...

OnLINE conference (16.02.2021): What's on the Web?

When we think about network monitoring, we often think only about checking network traffic for its efficient operation. We examine then, for example, the load of network devices or link strength. Very often we forget how important is visibility analysis...

Cooperation with Stovaris

As a VAD distributor, in addition to our commercial offer, we provide our Partners with detailed consultations regarding the design of investments for their end customers. We also provide comprehensive project services including installation, implementation and testing of the implemented solutions. Our Partners can take advantage of a wide training offer. We also provide trainings on specific solutions or full utilization of their functionalities - they are carried out at the request of the customers and tailored to their expectations.

Our suppliers