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Our company has permanently inscribed in the landscape of Polish IT distribution market. We have many years of experience in the industry, the history of our company dates back to the 90's. Since then Stovaris (formerly Alstor SDS) has evolved from a small service company operating in Poland into a classic Value Added Distributor (VAD) with many Partners.

IT infrastructure and Data Centre

As a valued distributor in Poland, we offer solutions for server room equipment and tools to support IT management, ensuring data security and business continuity.

IT Governance and Security

Software for managing IT infrastructure, upgrades, IT resources (ITAM) and services (ITSM) tailored to the needs of our partners.

Servers and storage

Acting as a distributor, we offer devices for archiving, securing and collecting data, including the software supporting them and the entire infrastructure necessary to run them.

IT networks

This product range dedicated to our partners includes basic devices such as switches, wireless systems, routers, firewalls, as well as advanced security systems and solutions such as TAP or NPB.

Professional IT for the office

In this product section you will find a full range of solutions to create safe, reliable and ergonomic workplaces, regardless of where they are located (at home so-called home office or traditionally in the office).

Medical imaging

Professional medical diagnostics is not only about analogue solutions (films, negatoscope), but also about high-end systems that revolutionise the daily work of doctors, technicians or clinicians. At Stovaris you will find IT solutions that streamline the work of medical units.

Industrial systems and IoT

Industrial systems must be able to operate in unusual environments, where the optimum temperature, humidity or dust levels are not always present. At the same time, it is important to ensure the reliability of their operation.

IT maintenance and support services

Our engineers and employed specialists are not only familiar with the functions and technical parameters of the proposed product solutions, but also have the relevant knowledge, skills and experience necessary for the efficient servicing of IT equipment.


Document archiving - best solutions

A large part of the data processed in companies and institutions that are no longer used is still stored, among other things for statistical purposes. Sometimes it is also a necessity resulting from the applicable legal regulations. In each of these cases it is necessary to...

We won an award at the Vertiv Annual Channel Summit 2021!

The Vertiv Annual Channel Summit 2021 took place on Wednesday (17.11). Apart from interesting panels, masses of knowledge and a competition in which one could win, among others, a Playstation 5 console, there was also a ceremony to announce the winners of the plebiscite summing up the year...

Events and webinars

Retrospect Webinar (10.12.2021): Data backup software

Ransomware is attacking businesses around the world, with new variants being detected every month. With Retrospect Backup's immutable backups, you can lock down your cloud backups and prevent malware from deleting them....

Webinar (15.12.2021): From the electron brain to Ivanti Neurons!

More than 70 years have passed since the first electronic brain, or computer, was developed. During this time, the development of the IT industry has led to the miniaturisation and easy availability of these devices. Today, every owner of a tablet or smartphone, even the simplest and cheapest,...

Cooperation with Stovaris

As a VAD distributor, in addition to our commercial offer, we provide our partners with detailed consultations regarding the design of investments for their end customers. We also provide comprehensive project services including installation, implementation and testing of the implemented solutions. Our Partners can take advantage of a wide training offer. We also provide trainings on specific solutions or full utilisation of their functionality - these are carried out at the request of the clients and are tailored to their expectations.

Our suppliers