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Remote Location Management (IoT gateways).

Under the term Remote Location Management (ZZL for short) are solutions that are used in data centers around the world. Remote Location Management includes all key functions in compact and cost-effective forms. The solutions guarantee serial access, monitoring of IT environments and IoT integration.

Managing a distributed environment

Out-of-band management reduces the so-called MTTR (mean time to repair) rate in distributed IT environments.

The ongoing process of digitization, the Internet of Things and the increasing decentralization of devices are creating entirely new challenges for IT departments. Among other things, it is becoming necessary to Managing distributed network environments in remote offices, production facilities and private clouds to ensure constant connectivity and avoid the expenses that network failures entail. In most cases, this is done centrally, from a server room located at the company's headquarters. The problem, however, is that if the main (in-band) network fails or the Internet connection breaks, there is no remote control. Identifying the problem generally requires a visit from a technician, who is only able to determine on-site what steps should be taken (such as what parts should be replaced). An alternative is out-of-band management, which provides access to IT equipment at any time, regardless of the functionality and connectivity of the local network.

Main network failure - what to do when in-band tools fail?

A single hardware malfunction can cause up to several days of downtime. In such a situation, a technician is dispatched to the site, who is sometimes able to solve the problem in a matter of minutes, such as rebooting the device. Of course, sometimes the issue is more complex and the repair requires more time and effort. Either way, a trip to the site of the failure wastes the time of both the IT service technician and employees, who are unable to access key systems and perform their duties.

So it's not hard to see why out-of-band management is such an attractive solution for distributed network administrators. It gives them control over all infrastructure components - even when in-band tools fail.

Out-of-band solutions with failover

The principle is simple: network devices have serial ports. Administrators can access them independently of the main network to check the status of the device. For some advanced management functions (such as firmware updates), the device's ports are even the only means of access. If the device stops responding, the administrator has the option of doing a so-called "hard reset" (simply disconnecting power).

Out-of-band management allows you to remotely control and service components such as servers, WAN devices, network equipment and power supplies, and repair related problems. Out-of-band solutions use failover to communicate with the administrator's console in the event of a connection failure. As a rule, this is a high-speed 4G LTE or 3G cellular connection. In areas where wireless connectivity is problematic, a slightly slower modem connection can be used.

Automatic monitoring and troubleshooting ensure business continuity.

Out-of-band management comes in handy not only in the event of a sudden outage, but also during day-to-day operations. Any problems are automatically detected and resolved before they disrupt local network traffic. Modern solutions are equipped with an automatic response system that reacts to network failures, providing diagnostic and repair tips for common problems.

This makes it possible to completely automate simple tasks - such as detecting a router that is out of contact, notifying the administrator by SMS or email and rebooting the device.

Stovaris offers intelligent network management solutions from Opengear. These solutions enable IT administrators to use reliable and always-on 3G and 4G LTE connections instead of traditional wired modems. Such functionality allows (all teams working within a single organization) to remotely manage and supervise switches, routers and other endpoints. In this way, even a small group of IT administrators can ensure the proper functioning of any number of critical endpoints, at all times.

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