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NAS devices

NAS devices - network attached storage - meet the requirements of users looking for a platform to share large amounts of data. They allow access to data via file access protocols such as CIFS/SMB, NFS, AFP or FTP.

NAS servers primarily use Linux as the operating system, managing data, as well as Windows, with particular emphasis on Windows Storage Server. They can be successfully used as:

  • NAS server
  • Backup server
  • File server
  • Disk array
  • Print server
  • Application server

By combining a server platform with disk shelves, capacity growth can be easily managed. Simply add more disks or new disk shelves.

Apart from server solutions with a traditional operating system providing NAS functionality, the market offers specialised disk arrays, in which network storage functions are implemented in firmware. In comparison to traditional solutions, they ensure higher efficiency and usually also have the functions of a traditional disk array with access via the block protocol iSCSI, FC or FCoE.

NAS solutions are also increasingly offering Cloud Gateway functionality, allowing data to be stored on popular public cloud services such as Amazon, Azure and many others.

This product group is based on the companies' solutions:

FAST LTA | Infortrend | Nexsan | Promise Technology | StorCentric

Contact persons:

Jerzy Adamiak

Storage Systems Consultant
tel. +48 605 274 271

Piotr Król

Product Manager
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