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Professional IT for the office

Permanent and dynamic development of IT technology and the spread of remote work in many companies affect the constant search by entrepreneurs for the best IT solutions. At Stovaris, in order to meet these new challenges, we have created a department dedicated to professional IT solutions for the office. In this product group you will find comprehensive solutions that ensure the reliability of IT systems and devices used in everyday work. Thus, our hardware proposals significantly increase the comfort and quality of work, both in standard and remote mode. Stovaris' experienced team of specialists, experts and engineers supports all customers and business partners in selecting the best IT products, dedicated to modern companies and those that want to modernize the solutions they currently use. This product division includes a full range of solutions that enable the creation of secure, reliable and ergonomic workstations, regardless of where they are located (at home so-called home office, or traditionally in the office).

The product offering is dedicated to companies of all sizes. The solutions we offer cover one hundred percent of the needs for the daily, secure and efficient operation of the enterprise, at the IT level. Document scanners, document processing and management software, professional monitors, ergonomic solutions and advanced workstations are a guarantee of cost optimization, process improvement, security assurance and an opportunity for sustainable development of any business.

This group of products is based on the companies' solutions:

ABBYY | ASUS | Canon | Fujitsu | Kofax | LG Business Solutions | PFU | Ricoh | XP-PEN