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Promise Technology

Promise Technology Inc. is a recognized leader in the global storage market and a leading developer of high-performance solutions dedicated to data center, surveillance, cloud and rich media environments. Aiming to meet the rigorous requirements of its customers, Promise Technology has earned a reputation as a builder of innovative solutions for vertical markets, satisfying the needs of large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as security integrators or professional developers.

Promise Technology employs more than 400 storage specialists worldwide. Promise Technology is involved in research and development of its products and technical support, quality assurance, streamlining global logistics and customer service, IT/MIS, manufacturing, sales and marketing. The Promise Technology team is available, to assist customers in any region of the world, to find the right storage solutions to meet all specific needs.

Promise Technology offers

Promise offers solutions for a variety of environments, including:

  • IT-storageproven in the world's largest IT environments.
  • Rich media-optimizedfor rich media production cycles, the products enable quick access, editing, sharing and distribution of footage of any size and format.
  • Monitoring-For small and medium-sized businesses, the manufacturer offers cost-effective RAID disk systems for combinations of internal and external drives, for installations of 16 to 64 cameras. And for large enterprises, it can deploy high-reliability standalone advanced RAID subsystems and NAS devices for more than a thousand network video cameras.

Promise offers both easy-to-use DAS appliances and proven business-class array solutions.

Currently, the most popular product lines are:

  • Series Pegasus- the latest generation of the industry's best desktop RAID Pegasus systems, featuring Thunderbolt 3 technology, which provides throughput levels of up to 40 Gbps, (double the speed of its predecessor, Thunderbolt 2).
  • VTrak series-highavailability business storage for SAN and DAS-with support for 10G SFP+ and 25G QSFP network interfaces. High throughput, low latency and advanced RAID protection create the ideal solution for rich media environments.

Flagship products:

VessRAID 1820i RAID array

Meet the disk array, offering combined iSCSI and NAS functions that allow users to transact files and block data over the network.

FastTrak TX4650

Meet a high-performance RAID controller card that improves the performance and/or reliability of desktop PCs and/or servers using SATA and SAS drives.

SuperTrak EX16650

Meet a stable, durable platform you can trust. Built on a state-of-the-art hardware design, perfected over 15 years.

FastTrak TX4310

Meet the card that has four independent data channels to support up to four Serial ATA drives.

Ask our specialist about this manufacturer's solutions:

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Product manager
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