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Kofax is an American company (headquartered in Irvine, state of California) with specialized software for document scanning. The company has subsidiaries in 30 countries, with a total of 1,600 employees.

The manufacturer's solutions simplify the scanning, indexing and storage of documents. Kofax software automates document processing and performs image processing in the best quality. So-called document separation is also possible, which can be done with barcodes on existing documents, or with a blank white sheet of paper. In the case of barcodes, its software performs automatic indexing and also allows the creation of file names.

Kofax is a leading provider of software and solutions for automating and digitally transforming processes in front- and back-office operations. Kofax-branded solutions can significantly increase customer engagement, reduce operational costs, lower compliance risk, and increase competitiveness, growth and profitability.

A wide range of software and solutions can be deployed both in the cloud and locally. The brand's solutions include process automation, business process management, multi-channel capture and many other important critical functions. Kofax delivers rapid ROI to more than 20,000 customers in industries such as financial services, insurance, government, healthcare, logistics (supply chain) and business process outsourcing, among others. Kofax provides its software and solutions through both direct and indirect sales. The company currently works with more than 650 distribution partners in more than 70 countries. Thus, Kofax is able to serve customers from the Americas, the European area, the Middle East and Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Kofax at Stovaris

Stovaris (formerly Alstor SDS) offers an easy-to-use batch document scanning application - Kofax Express 3. This application is ideal for use with the scanners available in our product portfolio. The Kofax Express scanner + software set will meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies for scanning, indexing and storing documents. Its advantages include seamless integration with the existing workflow system, high scanning performance and quality, and simple operation. The solution automates and optimizes document processing. The application performs automatic image processing for the best possible quality. There are functions for recognizing the format and orientation of sheets by text, automatic color recognition, blank page removal and skew correction.

Flagship products:

Power PDF 4.0

Discover the software that offers the most accurate PDF to Word or Excel conversion of all PDF solutions.

Express 3.2

Explore a batch document scanning application that captures information and provides high quality images.

VRS Elite 5.1.1

Explore software that improves scanning quality and document reading speed.

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Product Manager
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