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Fujifilm stands for irreplaceable Japanese technology and quality, available in the European market for more than 50 years. As the world's largest manufacturer of tape media, the company constantly sets the latest trends in the industry. In 2018, Fujifilm Corporation was placed on the first holistic list compiled by Thomson Reuters, a collection of the top 100 most organizationally and financially agile technology companies in the world.

The current increase in the use of huge data sets, so-called big data, is resulting in a growing demand for reliable and cost-effective solutions for storing and securing collected data. The use of Fujifilm tape media is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in large archival data centers stored on tapes. Many factors are contributing to the growing interest in tape media, including: high storage capacity, ease of portability, energy efficiency, relatively low total cost of ownership of such solutions, and characteristics suitable for long-term data storage. Demand for Fujifilm magnetic tapes is forecast to continue its upward trend.

Fujifilm history

With the ever-increasing need for storage - especially in the media industry - as a result of the volume of recorded material and larger video formats, finding the best medium is becoming a more important issue than ever. Fujifilm's LTO tapes remain the obvious choice in certain applications, and this will remain the case for the foreseeable future. Only one medium has a proven reputation for providing high security when storing large amounts of data. That medium is the LTO standard, particularly used in tape libraries. Fujifilm tapes have a lifespan of 30 years or more, which is why virtually all large corporations and organizations, from banks to government institutions, insurance companies to technology companies rely on LTO tapes for long-term archiving.

Since the introduction of the first generation of LTO1 tapes in 2000 to LTO-8 and LTO9, Fujifilm has been at the forefront of the development of high-capacity tape recording media and, as the world's leading manufacturer, is constantly engaged in development work to improve the efficiency and performance quality of the proposed solutions. Fujifilm will continue to develop its products to provide high quality performance and even better functionality of media and related services to meet customer needs and expectations.

Flagship products:

LTO-8 Ultrium tape

Meet the latest product for mid-sized data storage solutions using Fujifilm's advanced NANOCUBIC coating processes.

LTO-7 Ultrium tape

Meet the storage medium, whose production is based on three technologies developed by Fujifilm.

LTO-6 Ultrium tape

Meet a cartridge with higher coercivity and lower noise levels compared to previous generations.

LTO-5 Ultrium tape

Meet the third medium of the mid-range group for the production of which FUJIFILM Nanocubic technology was used.

LTO-4 Ultrium tape

Meet the LTO Ultrium cartridge that meets the needs of network servers, enterprise computers and other demanding environments. 

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