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Opengear CM8100 - performance, security and automation in one solution

Opengear CM8100 - performance, security and automation in one solution

The new CM8100 from Opengear is a NetOps console server. In addition to the typical features of a traditional console server, it has additional automation tools that enable, among other things, much easier scalability, in terms of network component deployments. The solution also supports network components such as routers, switches, firewalls and other network elements used. And all this at a very affordable price compared to the CM7100. In addition, you gain much greater reliability. When you invest in the CM8100 console server, you get a reliable product with built-in modern components at a decent price.

New Opengear CM8100 10GbE console server models

Earlier this year, Opengear expanded its CM8100 product family with two new 10GbE models, the CM8196-10G and CM8148-10G. The new console servers enable large-scale deployment of Smart Out of Band management, while reducing integration efforts and maintenance costs. Like the rest of the CM8100 family, the new products provide a high level of attack resistance, remote access with enhanced security and automation.

Key features and benefits of CM8100-10G models:

  • Greater efficiency - efficiently manage dense environments by connecting up to 96 devices.
  • Open architecture - support for automation tools, Docker and Python scripts via REST API.
  • Improved security - enable data encryption and secure boot with the implemented TPM 2.0 module.
  • Extended connectivity - connect directly to your devices via high-speed networks with a 10 Gb SFP+ main link.
  • Faster setup - simplify setup configuration with automatic port detection.
  • Simplified cabling - eliminate the need for serial adapters with software serial ports.

CM8100 - performance, security and automation

CM8100 is the latest console server from Opengear. The solution is dedicated to data centers and corporate networks, regardless of their size and complexity. The CM8100 combines Opengear's 18 years of experience in developing innovative solutions and its leading position in the console server market. The CM8100 Console Manager supports up to 48 serial ports, features enterprise-grade security with built-in TPM 2.0 and redundant (redundant) power supply. The new CM8100 console server allows 16, 32 or 48 serial ports to be reliably connected via simple cabling, regardless of the state of the production network.

Large-scale IT equipment management without performance degradation

CM8100 gives you the ability to host containerized applications that run on any NetOps platform or tools. Thus, it provides greater flexibility and efficiency. Using this solution from Opengear, IT support staff maximize connectivity and increase the security of sensitive data from unexpected downtime. This is all through the built-in two Ethernet ports. By combining the CM8100 console server with the intelligent and advanced Lighthouse software from Opengear, IT engineers and professionals have the ability to manage IT equipment on a large scale.

The CM8100 is designed and purpose-built to guarantee energy efficiency without compromising system performance. The new console server from Opengear consumes less power and cooling resources, ensuring a lower total cost of ownership and high reliability.

Key features of CM8100

  • 16, 32 or 48 serial ports with Smart OOB™ function
  • An ideal replacement for legacy terminal/console servers
  • Enables data center automation with Python and Docker language support
  • Physical security via built-in TPM 2.0 module module
  • Dual power supplies with independent monitoring
  • Integrated ambient temperature monitoring
Key Features CM8100

Overview of CM8100 features

Overview of key features of Opengear CM8100

Looking at the chassis of the CM8100, we notice that it looks very similar to other Opengear console servers. However, paying attention to the installed components we will notice that it has elements that its predecessor (7100) does not have. These include such components as a better processor, a built-in TPM security chip that provides encryption for software and boot files. So if after the initial pre-configuration we send this unit to some location, some branch of the company, no one can hack it on the way. All the latest Opengear solutions have a built-in TPM chip. The CM8100 console server comes with two AC power supplies. Previous versions included only one power supply. In addition, the CM8100 contains from 16 to 48 serial ports. So if you only need to manage serial ports, this is the device that is recommended for just that purpose.


Benefits of deploying CM8100 console server

The CM8100 is the latest console server from Opengear. It offers even faster speeds than previous generations, automation from the first day of installation, and ease of use, which is improved by Smart Out-of-Band management.

Business Continuity and Network Resiliency
Ensure network resiliency and business continuity with proven technology and trusted devices from a company known for its Smart Out-of-Band.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)
Energy efficiency without compromising on performance. A device designed and engineered to consume less energy and cooling resources.

Full visibility and rapid remediation
Remote access with automatic network failover, combined with console management and Lighthouse centralized management software, provides immediate visibility and rapid action in the event of a failure.

Reduced OPEX
the cost of external services, reduces the number of on-site engineering visits, improves MTTR and minimizes downtime.

Optimizing Remote Access
CM8100 combines performance, security and reliability with the network automation tools you need for better and smarter out-of-band management.

Enhanced security
Guarantees enterprise-grade security with TPM 2.0 hardware security module, with data encryption and secure boot.