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Vertiv Liebert EXS UPS, 10-80 kVA

Liebert EXS UPS

Optimized and integrated solution - three-phase UPS with high efficiency for power protection

Liebert EXS - UPS with compact design and high efficiency

Vertiv Liebert EXS series UPSs are solutions with unique functionalities from the point of view of applications for mission-critical equipment. The 96.2% double conversion efficiency contributes to a significant reduction in operating costs. Thus, it reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the solution and the adverse impact on the environment.

With a high power density and a power factor of 1, the Liebert EXS UPS from Vertiv guarantees maximum active power. Vertiv engineers modified the design of the UPS and thus reduced its dimensions to a minimum. Standalone UPS - Liebert EXS offers constant power protection with optimized internal backup time. Such features of the solution make the Liebert EXS ideal for all mission-critical installations, including transportation, emergency lighting, medical, commercial facilities and government institutions.

Efficiency chart of the Vertiv Liebert EXS power supply

Key features of Vertiv Liebert EXS UPSs

  • Output power factor up to 1.
  • Double conversion efficiency of up to 96.2%.
  • Efficiency in economy mode up to 99%.
  • Small size UPS with multiple options for configuring internal power backup time.
  • Available in 3/3 and (10-20kVA) versions.
  • Integrated maintenance bypass.
  • Integrated input and output switches/switches.
  • More system power and redundancy through parallel installation.
  • The possibility of installing a lithium-ion battery, provides flexibility in the solution (30-80 kVA).
Vertiv Liebert EXS UPS

Liebert EXS flexible UPS

Vertiv's Liebert EXS series UPSs are designed to optimize specific rating requirements. This makes it possible to meet exorbitant needs relating to flexibility and the space in which the solution is to be installed. The main features that affect the flexibility of Liebert EXS series UPSs:

  • Output configurable as single-phase and three-phase (10-20kVA);
  • Integrated parallel connection option - up to 4 units;
  • A common or distributed battery system;
  • Internal and external battery configuration for optimal management of backup time;
  • Casters for easy movement of the power supply.

Configuration outputs of the Liebert EXS UPS.

It is possible to configure the UPS at the site (applies to Liebert EXS models up to 20 kVA). Thus, it is possible to set the output to provide three-phase (3/3) or single-phase (3/1) voltage. Such functionality allows the solution to flexibly adapt to changes in the plant environment.

Built-in internal batteries (10-60 kVA)

The internal design of the Liebert EXS UPS chassis provides the ability to accommodate up to four battery chains. As a result, these UPSs guarantee optimal back-up time and the benefits of eliminating an external battery cabinet (i.e., saving space and reducing costs associated with the purchase of additional equipment). In addition, the powerful Liebert EXS charger ensures a fast charging process. This solution enhances the ability to support long back-up times with higher capacity batteries.

Liebert EXS UPSs - compatibility with lithium batteries

Liebert EXS UPSs (30-80 kVA) can operate with both standard VRLA and new lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. This ensures that the UPSs can be customized to meet all possible requirements for runtime, battery life, backup time, configuration flexibility and total cost of ownership.


Full galvanic isolation of Liebert EXS UPSs

Thanks to the isolation transformer located in the Liebert EXS enclosure, full galvanic isolation is guaranteed. This design further frees up space occupied by the system. The transformer can be connected to the input or output of the UPS, providing:

  • Full galvanic isolation, for example, in medical applications;
  • Redundancy of power sources - when installing with two independent power sources (with different neutral wires);
  • Electrical installation without a neutral wire.

Vertiv Liebert EXS series UPSs are ready for parallel operation

Up to four Liebert EXS power supplies can be connected in parallel. Through easy-to-change settings in the software, a single power supply can be transformed into a unit for parallel operation. This makes it possible to adapt the entire system to the specific configuration required. The double bus for connecting all UPSs in parallel, which was applied in the solution, allows high reliability. In addition, it allows the elimination of a single point of failure, and guarantees excellent load sharing and rapid detection of changes in the state of the power system.

Liebert EXS UPS communication functions

Liebert EXS series UPSs are equipped with an LCD display. The multilingual user interface enables accurate control and monitoring of the system's operating status. The UPS supports the following communication methods:

  • Potential-free contacts;
  • Internal Intellislot socket for communication via SNMP, Modbus or relays;
  • USB interface.

By supporting these communication functions, the Liebert EXS power supply is compatible with any building management system.

Vertiv Software

Vertiv connects and protects your network with comprehensive solutions and expertise. To ensure maximum visibility and guarantee effective monitoring of devices from a single location, simply connect the Liebert EXS Series UPS to software provided by Vertiv.

Vertiv Environet Alert-2

Vertiv Environet™ Alert
With this software, industrial companies can benefit from affordable and easy-to-use software to monitor critical facilities. The solution provides superior control, insight into all events and trends (alerts can be set), and data organization.

Vertiv Power Insight-2

Vertiv Power Insight
Vertiv™ Power Insight is an add-on web-based software. It is dedicated to users with distributed infrastructure who need to manage multiple devices. The software is intuitive to use and easy to install. Vertiv™ Power Insight is a single access interface to 100 UPS and rPDU rack strips.